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Pälkäne - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The rental cottages, villas and holiday homes in Pälkäne offer the opportunity to experience a holiday in the middle of the beautiful Finnish Lakeland. Our range of accommodation includes a variety of options from atmospheric log cabins to luxury-class leisure homes.

Pälkäne offers the traveler the opportunity to spend a holiday in the beautiful natural settings, only about 40 kilometres from the urban centers of Tampere and Hämeenlinna. Although the cities and towns of southern Finland are easily accessible, you can still enjoy the peaceful countryside during your stay in Pälkäne.

The biggest attraction in Pälkäne is the Sappee Ski Resort, where you can spend an active holiday throughout the year. In addition to many ski slopes and skiing tracks, the Sappee resort offers good opportunities for mountain biking, disc golf, hiking and many other sporty activities.

Whether you are looking for a cosy log cabin, tranquil lakeside cottage or a fabulous ski apartment in the Sappee ski resort, a wonderful holiday awaits you in Pälkäne, Finland.

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