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Pallas and Olos are two fjelds in the heart of Lapland. These small mountains are right next to each other and they are located in Muonio and Enontekijö municipalities. Pallastunturi fjeld is actually the southernmost point of a long string of fjelds, so the area is pretty hilly so to say. The sceneries are so amazing that Pallas is included in the group of official "National landscapes of Finland".

There is a small ski resort on both hills, Pallas and Olos. You can ski the both resorts with a same ski pass. The pass actually includes one more nearby resort, Luosto. The largest ski center of Finland, Ylläs, is also located pretty near, so this area is ideal for all sort of skiers! The slopes are plenty and there are endless kilometers of paths for cross country skiing.

Ski resorts offer the typical accommodation of hotel rooms and cabins. Other cottages of the Pallas and Olos region are located here and there around the woods. This creates a nice wilderness atmosphere, even though the cabins are near the activities.

Huge national park of Pallas-Yllästunturi opens right outside the ski centers. This national park is popular hiking spot and it has the famous Hetta-Pallas route going through it. This route is known to have challenging conditions but amazing views because it goes from one fjeld-top to another and off to yet another. Many of the hiking routes are accessible with a mountain bike, but there are also plenty of routes designed for mountain biking and bike touring.

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