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If you are looking for the most comfortable accommodation in the Pirkanmaa region, our large selection of rental cottages include options for every taste. Tampere is the center of the province, but there is a lot more to see in Pirkanmaa. When visiting the area you will find interesting events, great shopping opportunities and many popular attractions for families. In addition to the urban environment, you have the opportunity to hike in the wilderness, for example in Seitseminen or Helvetinjärvi National Park.

The rental cottages in Pirkanmaa include a wide range of holiday homes from wooden cabins to luxurious cottages near the best attractions. Accommodation at a cottage gives you a great opportunity to enjoy both the cultural attractions and the beautiful nature in the middle of a peaceful environment. Whether you are looking for a rental cottage in the immediate vicinity of the city of Tampere or a quiet place in the countryside, Gofinland's wide selection of cottages include options for every taste.

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