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Pori - Accommodation and cottages

We in Gofinland help you to find the best accommodation and the most comfortable cottages in Pori, Finland. In our extensive range of accommodation there are plenty of cottages for every taste, as you can book accommodation in the vicinity of the center of Pori or in the seaside the Baltic Sea. Browse our range and find the perfect accommodation in Pori.

Enjoy Pori's events during your holiday

Located on the coast of Satakunta region, Pori has about 85,000 inhabitants and is among the 10 largest cities in Finland. The port city, founded in 1558, attracts tourists not only for its marine environment, but also for its popular cultural events, the most famous being Pori Jazz and SuomiAreena.

Organized ever since 1966, the Pori Jazz Festival is one of the largest and most famous summer events in Finland that attracts tens of thousands of music lovers every year. But Pori's live music is not limited to Pori Jazz, as the Pori Folk festival and the Porisphere Rock Festival entertain their guests in the summertime.

Tips for a cottage holiday in Pori

In Pori you should definitely enjoy the opportunities offered by the sea. If you do not have your own boat, you can also visit the archipelago also by a car. The beautiful routes offer, in addition to stunning seascapes, interesting culture as well. Enjoy the local fish dishes and visit the historic sites in the beautiful villages of the area.

In Pori there is plenty to see for boaters, too. Säppi lighthouse island, Oura archipelago and Iso-Enskeri are excellent places to visit for holidays. Even if you do not have your own boat, you can visit the most popular destinations, Reposaari, Säppi and Ouraluoto also by ferries.

In addition to these places of interest, there are also a number of other interesting sights in the area. Play golf at the Kalaforna Golf Course and enjoy the outdoor hiking trails at Kirjurinluoto close to the city center. Visitors interested in the history can get acquainted with the area's interesting cultural attractions: the Ahlainen Church, the Juselius mausoleum and the Neo-Gothic Keski-Pori church.

Find accommodation in Pori

Renting a cottage in Pori allows you to enjoy a varied holiday during which you can explore the city's versatile tourist services, popular events and, of course, the marine nature of Pori. We recommend exploring the accommodations near the beautiful sandy beach of Yyteri or in the holiday resort of Anttoora. Below you will find the most popular Pori cabins of our site!

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