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Pyhä Ski Resort

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Pyhä Ski Resort - Accommodation and Cottages

Gofinland offers you the best accommodation and the most comfortable cottages in the Pyhä Ski Resort. The winter season is the most active time in Pyhätunturi, but the ski resort serves tourists also outside the skiing season. On this page we will tell you what kind of activities and services you can find in Pyhä in addition to the rental cabins. Check out our large range of cottages and find the best accommodation in Pyhä!

Experience the Pyhä Slopes During Your Stay

The famous Pyhä ski resort, known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, is a highly regarded downhill resort among skiing enthusiast. The ski resort, which has also been chosen as the ski resort of the year in Finland, is considered a personal, easily approachable and cozy tourist center, where the naturalness is strongly present. The slopes are well taken care of, and there are plenty of places for snowboarders and freestyle riders.

If cross-country skiing is more of your thing, Pyhä is also a great destination for that. In the scenery of Pyhä-Luosto National Park, 150 km of skiing tracks are available, allowing you to move freely between the two ski resorts, Pyhä and Luosto.

In addition to countless skiing and skiing activities, there are also good opportunities for relaxation and fun activities with the children. In addition, there are plenty of events in the area that will add some extra to the fun-filled Lapland holiday. The opening of the Pyhä skiing season, the numerous freeride events and interesting gigs make the Pyhä an active center all year round.

Pyhätunturi is located at the border between Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi municipalities, about 130 km from Rovaniemi and 340 km from Oulu. If you don’t have an own car, you can also easily reach Pyhä by flying, since Rovaniemi Airport is located only a 1.5-hour SkiBus trip from the ski resort. The nearest railway stations are located in Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi.

Find a rental cottage in Pyhä

Pyhätunturi cottages are located within easy reach of all sights and services in the area. There are plenty of holiday cottages in Pyhä for hikers and skiers alike. There are also many ski-inn apartments in the center, which offer a chance to reach the slopes even by walking. Below you will find the most popular cottages in Pyhä!

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