Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail

Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail
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Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Travelling by bike is genuinely part of the journey! Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail will offer you unique flavours, experiences and scenery around the Pirkanmaa lake region. The trail consists of 5 routes: Maisemareitti, Laukko, Roine, Vaeltaja and Pikku-Vanaja. Routes vary in length, from 30 kilometers to almost 200 kilometers, so you can choose a route depending on your preferences and schedule. And remember, you can also add a relaxing ferry cruise (with amazing lake scenery) to your trip with a Hopealinjat ship!

Along the trail, you can find plenty of accommodation, interesting sights and local services. You can choose to stay on a farmhouse or a cabin by the lake, visit local product farms, Laukon Kartano/Mansion, Garden cafe Tervapääsky, Visavuori museum and a lot more. With a little bit of planning or leaning on to our ready-made travel tips, you will have an unforgettable experience on the bike!

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