Castles of Raseborg daytrip for groups


Castles of Raasepori - daytrip for groups

A great chance to see two fascinating castles in Raseborg!

Mustio castle in collaboration with Raseborg castle ruins.


The Castles of Raasepori daytrip starting 119€ /per person includes:

- Transportation from Helsinki marketplace to both castles and return

(Tailormade transportation available)

- Entrance and guided tours in both castles

- Transportaiton between the castles

- Lunch in Svartå Manor´s restaurant Slottskrogen.

- Coffee and tea with sweet coffee bread in Slottsknekten’s hut next to Raseborg castle ruins.


Children 3-12 years -50% with an adult.

Children 0-2 years free of charge with an adult.



• Departure from Helsinki

• Guided tour at Mustio Manor (1 hour)

• Lunch at Mustio Manor (1,5 hours)

• Departure to Raseborg castle ruins (30 min) • Guided tour at Raseborg castle ruins (1 hour)

• Transportation back to Helsinki

We recommend to book time in between to have a walk around the areas and enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink.

Transportation back to the agreed destination.


The package is available all year round for groups with minimum 12 persons, according to availability.

Choose the product at the shop to the basket and pick offer request/open order.

Svartå Slott´s sales office will answer your request as soon as possible.


Please dont hesitate to contact us for more information: / +358 19 36231


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Basic information

further information: 2 different destinations. Destination 1/2 Raaseporin Rauniolinna: Raaseporin linnantie 110 Snappertuna, Raasepori Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland Destination 2/2 Mustion Linna Hållsnäsintie 89 Mustio, Raasepori Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland
Suitability: Children only under the supervision of adults. Adults are resposible of the children travelling with them. Please let us know beforehand of possible physicall difficulties and specialdiets.
Difficulty: For both adults and children. Children under the supervision of adults.
Qualifications: #
Insurances: #
Address: Hållsnäsintie 89, 10360, Mustio
Languages: Finnish English

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Oy Svartå Gård Ab / Mustion Linna
Hållsnäsintie 89
10360 Mustio
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