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Raasepori, about one and a half hour’s trip form Helsinki and Turku, is a collection of fantastic settings from the wooden town quarters of Tammisaari to the verdant ironworks villages of Pohja and Karjaa. Well-being, gastronomy and uniqueness unite the whole area and nature shows its best sides.

The many ironworks villages, mansions and castles of Raasepori mean fantastic and memorable sites. The fairy-tale beautiful little village of Fiskars is full of events, boutiques and things to see, regardless of the time of year. The ironworks landscape of Billnäs with its handsome production plants is a gorgeous environment for many summer events. Guide tours are arranged in the summer in the stone castle of Raasepori, built in the 14th century, and the mansion of the castle of Mustio, with its parks, is open all year round offering high-quality accommodation and food.

The picturesque wooden buildings of Tammisaari entice you for a walk and the many small boutiques and cafes make time fly by. The sea is always there and the 1,300 islands of Tammisaari conceal many treasures within them, such as the national park of the archipelago or the guest boat harbour of Sommaröstrand with its events. The authenticity of Raasepori, its traditional nature and its entrepreneurship reflect the whole southern coast of Finland well.

Nature and local produce are a deeply-felt matter in Raasepori and therefore it’s worth it for chalet-dwellers to seek out the local culinary delicacies. Local fish, mushrooms, berries and other raw ingredients can be seen on the menus of the restaurants and to take home, you might want to grab the meat products of West Chark or the cheese of Tenhola, for example. The DeliTukku local produce food store in Pohja is an essential stop for the friends of delicacies.

For those who are in less of a hurry, it’s worth driving to Raasepori along the historic King’s Road. Many historic sights can be found along the route of the well-marked road.

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