Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park
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Repovesi National Park – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Combine a cottage holiday and visiting the most intriguing natural attractions in Repovesi National Park by finding a vacation rental via Gofinland. Spend your days trekking on the marked trails or paddling through the impressive rocky landscapes. In Repovesi National Park, you can find many possibilities for accommodation from modern cabins to wilderness huts and camping spots.

In addition to rugged forests, sky-reaching cliffs and blue lakes and ponds, in Repovesi National Park you’ll find many exciting attractions. Walk along a hanging bridge, cross waters with a cable ferry and travel back in time; admire the ancient rock painting in Olhavanvuori cliff or the impressive rock walls of Kirnuhuoko Cavern that used to provide shelter for the illegal distilling of moonshine.

Activities in Repovesi National Park

Located in Kouvola and Mäntyharju municipalities in southeast Finland, approximately 175 km northeast of Helsinki, Repovesi National Park provides more than 40 kilometres of trekking trails suitable for both, short day trips and long hikes. Some of the trails are quite challenging thanks to rocky grounds and many stairs, but Repovesi National Park also provides some short and easy natural trails for less-experienced hikers.

Besides trekking, Repovesi National Park is ideal for canoeing, rowing, fishing, swimming, biking and rock climbing. The best cliff for climbing would be Olhavanvuori that also offers fantastic views of the national park. Other impressive viewing spots can be found on top of Katajavuori and Mustalamminvuori hills.

Visitors should be aware that entering Pahkajärvi shooting area on the east side of the national park is forbidden. The restricted area is well-marked.

Repovesi National Park attractions

One of the fascinating attractions in Repovesi National Park is Lapinsalmi hanging bridge. The 50-metre-long hanging bridge is so popular that on high-season, hikers might have to queue to get on the bridge. On the east side of the bridge, you can find a campfire place, a shelter, an outhouse and docks for canoes and boats.

Another fun experience in Repovesi National Park is Fox Ferry, a cable ferry for crossing waters along the Ketunlenkki Trail. Don’t forget to visit the collapsed cliff at Kuutinlahti Bay and an old log-floating flume Kuutinkanava Canal.

Finding accommodation in Repovesi National Park

Reaching Repovesi National Park is possible by car, bus, shared taxi and by boat. Camping is allowed next to 12 campfire places in the national park area. There are also a few wilderness huts available for rent.

For modern accommodation in Repovesi National Park, Gofinland helps you find cabins and other vacation rentals right next to the park. Renting a cottage allows effortless day trips to the natural wonders of Repovesi area around the year.

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