Hiking in Saariselkä area

Saariselkä hiking

Saariselkä - hiking around the fjells

Saariselkä hiking area is situated near Urho Kekkonen National Park and is one of the most scenic landscapes in Finland with it's gorgeous lakes and rivers. This rural and powerful landscape can be admired from peaks of Saariselkä fjells and enjoy the unique feeling it invokes. The Saariselkä hiking area is not a national park, but the wilderness surrounding the fjells captivates the lappish mentality and is a place worth visiting. There are more than 200 kilometers of trails in the area, and about 100 kilometers are located inside the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The transition to UKK National Park is very easy from Saariselkä area. 

Saariselkä - enjoying the scenery

During summer time, Saariselkä hiking area gives out the best sceneries and landscapes as the trails are going up and down the fjells. Most of the trails start from skiing center of Saariselkä. In the fjell area it should be noted that weather conditions can change quite rapidly so good equipment will come handy when hiking in this area. When hiking in fjell area or in the north, one should always keep a tent and rain-proof clothing in the backpack during longer treks. 

Saariselkä area offers great opportunities for camping and trekking and you can move around with different means. The biking routes around the fjell area are suitable for 1-2 days treks. Mainly the routes are easy to travel with bikes as they go on the sides of the fjells. During these routes, you might bump into a couple of tougher uphills which go upside the fjells. Recommended track: Moitakuru summer route (10-22 km). You can rent the bikes from different companies around Saariselkä center. 

You can find the most popular tracks here:

Summer trails

Three fjells biking route

Skiing tracks in Saariselkä

Hiking in Saariselkä area

Skiing in Saariselkä area

During winter time, the best way to move around Saariselkä is by skiing - you can enjoy the winter wonderland and conquer the fjells with ease. For overnight skiing trips the best way to transport your equipment is to pull them in so-called Lapp's sled or rescue sled. Read more about the sled in here. In winter time there are more than 250 km of maintained tracks among the unofficial skiing tracks. There are many cabins and cottages available for daily use where you can enjoy your break and eat your lunch. It should be noted that during blizzard or heavy snowfall, the tracks can be lost in snow. 

In winter time weather conditions can change rapidly, so be prepared with warm spare clothing and a weather resistant top layer of clothing. This is your first defense against tough weather conditions. When skiing in the winter time, you must have a compass, gps-device and a map with you, so you can pin-point yourself on the map when needed.

The best sceneries open up from the top of Kaunispää fjell and Kiilopää fjells. If the weather is clear, you can see hundreds of kilometers from the top. You can start your journey from the Saariselkä Ski Center

Services around Saariselkä

In the Saariselkä area, there are plenty of services such as restaurants, equipment rental companies and tourism information. The services around Saariselkä are open throughout the year but some variations might occur during summer time. There are stores and companies dedicated to trekking and skiing in Saariselkä area. You can buy last minute equipment from these places. 

In the case of emergency, Inari healthcare center functions as the primary place for treatment. Local companies and first responders work well together and locals also help to locate any missing trekkers or skiiers. 

The main tourism information location is Kiehinen, which is in the close proximity of the Ski Center. You can buy maps, food, and ask for additional information from here. 

How to reach Saariselkä?

The best way to reach the area is by flying from Helsinki or by personal car. The estimated distances from Rovaniemi is about 4 hours, from Levi 3 hours and from Oulu around 6 hours. If you are traveling from Helsinki to Saariselkä, you should make an overnight stop to Rovaniemi and then continue the journey feeling rested in the morning. Saariselkä is also easy to reach by bus, as there are multiple connections from Oulu and Rovaniemi. 

If you are traveling by train, the nearest terminus is in Rovaniemi where you can continue by bus or by a personal car. The route between Helsinki and Rovaniemi operates few times a day. 

The most northern airport in Finland is located in Ivalo, which is around 30 minutes away from Saariselkä. The flight from Helsinki will take around 1,5 hours and the flights are regular from Helsinki -Vantaa airport. 

Log cabin in Saariselkä 

Saariselkä - where to stay?

From Gofinland's service you can find almost 250 different cottages and accommodation possibilities. It's easy to head out to the fjells from your rental cottage or start your skiing trip from the front door. You can also use the cottage as a base for day trips in the beautiful fjell landscapes. The forests and fjells in the area are perfect for hiking and camping. It's strongly recommended to spend more than 1 day in the fjell area of Saariselkä. 

Check out the cottages and accommodations we offer at Gofinland and head out to wilderness in Lapland. You can check out our rental cottages from here.

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