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Salla in the middle of nowhere

The last untouched wilderness in Europe stands silent, as it has done for millions of years. Somewhere behind the rich fens, fells, springs, brooks, quiet pine forests and spruce copses is the fell. There is a warm spot of light: a village in the wilderness, teeming with the good life and populated by adventurers, skiers and hikers. A warm, idyllic and safe home nest that offers comfort, services and a soft bed in between adventures. It's a world of its own, and in spite of all the comfort, it breathes the same air as the wilderness.

The birthplace of cross-country skiing and Finnish alpine skiing; the setting for hard battles in the Winter War. A centre for genuine experiences, where many a heart has remained in the wilderness, by the rapids and on the Alpine-level ski slopes. A place where nature is not an amusement park and exotica is not plastic on the shelf of a souvenir shop.

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