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Savonlinna is a magnificent country destination that tunes in with its rich cultural heritage as well as beautiful nature. Gofinland offers you the best options for accommodation in Savonlinna. Whether you are looking for a vacation rental in the immediate vicinity of the center of Savonlinna or a comfortable rental cottage on the shore of a quiet lake, there are plenty of accommodation options for every need.

Savonlinna opera

The landmark of Savonlinna is the Olavinlinna from the 15th century, whose sharp towers adorn the peaceful, beautiful lake landscape. Over the years Olavinlinna has had many hosts, both Russians and Swedes, so the history of the castle is colored with interesting stories about the colorful stages of the building and its inhabitants.

The history of opera performances has begun in Olavinlinna in the 20th century by Aino Acktén but ended due to financial difficulties in the 1930s. Subsequently, the opera performances were on pause for 37 years and returned to the stage again in 1967. The reputation of the opera festival grew significantly in the 1970's, mainly thanks to the artistic director Matti Talvi.

Nowadays Savonlinna Opera Festival is one of Finland Festivals events and is a well-known and beloved event for Finns and those who love opera. Opera's performances have also featured foreign well-known opera performers and artists. The opera festival is held in June-July and lasts for a whole month during which numerous opera and art performances can be enjoyed. In addition to the opera, Olavinlinna has restaurant Olavinlinna, which provides restaurant services, as well as other exciting activities such as a escape room game that the whole family can enjoy. Nowadays, a tourist-oriented castle offers its visitors an opera and theater as well as, of course, stunning views of the Castle Watch Tower.

Punkaharju Nature Reserve

The Punkaharju nature reserve is now part of the Savonlinna municipality. It has been a well-known tourist destination for almost 200 years, due to its beautiful lake environment and dazzling pine forests. The Punkaharju area is a pure ridge area, and is considered one of the national landscapes of Finland. In the natural reserve, in the middle of the Kokonharju Nature Reserve, you can see what kind of forests there have been in Finland.

Punkaharju is known as a destination that takes great care of the scenery and tourism. There are illuminated routes as well as a snowshoe park with routes for all who enjoy winter activities.

Kolovesi National Park in the Lakelands of Finland

The municipality of Savonlinna also has Kolovesi National Park. In the National Park you can admire the best of Lakelands of Finland and the wonderful landscapes. In the woods you see thousands of old rock paintings and may even come across a curious ringed seals. Kolovesi National Park is also home to Ukonvuori with its quartz quarries and there are plenty of unspoiled natural forests in the area. Kolovesi National Park has two 3.5 km long nature trails. For these trails, you should reserve at least two hours.

Kolovesi National Park can easily be reached by bus or by car. The National Park is perfect for hiking only in summer time. In wintertime, the National Park does not take care of the trails during winter and there is a ban on trekking on the islands in the archipelago during summer time.

Savonlinna accommodation

Accommodation in Savonlinna can be found for every desire. On Gofinland's website you will find numerous options for renting apartments and cottages. In the idyllic Savonlinna, you can explore the area's attractions and visit an opera performance or theater in Olavinlinna.

Accommodation in the cottage allows for a comfortable and varied holiday, during which you can enjoy Savonlinna events and relax in the beautiful lakescape with various activities. Browse our selection and find the most suitable rental accommodation in Savonlinna!

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