Seitseminen National Park

Seitseminen National Park
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Seitseminen National Park - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Seitseminen National Park, only an hour from Tampere, provides excellent opportunities for various activities in the wild. The three nature trails and a total of approximately 60 km of marked trails enable safe hiking for visitors of all ages and fitness levels.

The Saari-Soljanen cooking shelter and trail are accessible. Roads and trails suitable for cycling total around 40 km and the cross country skiing trail network totals 45 km. You can also pick wild berries or mushrooms, or even go horse riding in the wilderness. Do not forget to stop by at the Seitseminen Nature Centre for the latest hiking tips, or to enjoy a delicious fish meal or wild boar burger. The Kovero Crown Tenant Farm takes you back to the 1930s. Finnish indigenous breeds of livestock graze in the meadows and traditional plants are grown in the kitchen garden. In summer, the host and hostess tell stories about life in the old days and visitors are welcome to participate in farmwork. Old forest cabins remind us of the history of Seitseminen as a logging site. The Pitkäjärvi cabin can be rented for accommodation purposes. A walk in the shadow of the shield bark pines in the Multiharju old-growth forest is a calming wilderness experience.

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