Seitseminen National Park

Seitseminen National Park
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Seitseminen National Park - Rental cottages and holiday homes

Seitseminen National Park is just one hour away from Tampere and offers great opportunities for various nature activities and seeing Finnish cultural heritage. Three nature trails and a total of approximately 60 km of marked trails with its campfire sites allow safe hiking for all ages and people. Some of the routes are also accessible, which makes them suitable for families with children with trolleys or handicapped persons.

Seitseminen routes and trails

The longest of these routes is Virkatie, which is 30 kilometers long. There are approximately 40 km of routes and paths suitable for cycling and 45 km of skiing trails. Hiking trails, such as Virkatie, lead to the Helvetinjärvi National Park, which is about 45 km away. Numerous swamps, old forests, ridges and streams of swamps bring their own aspects to this beautiful national park and the region's routes.

Here in the remote wilderness you can pick berries, mushrooms, but also fish in the shores of a national park. Fishing with small fishing rod is legal due to everyman's right in Finland. In Seitseminen Visitor Center, you may want to ask for the latest info about excursions and trails or enjoy a nice meal of pike-filé or wild boar at the Seitseminen Portti Restaurant. Seitseminen Visitor Center is the main hiking base and a departure point for the national park. Here you can find guided tours and other useful information about hiking. In the Visitor Center, you can watch various exhibitions and movies. If needed, the Visitor Center staff can also take part in a presentation or guided tour group.

Kovero's old lumberjack house

With Kovero's idyllic scenery, the time has come to a halt in the 1930s. The lumberjack house has been kept in original condition and has been repaired respecting the old traditions. Farm animals graze in the environment and plant vegetables are grown in the fields, traditional herbs are produced for medicine, food and decoration. In summer, the hostess and host tell the story of the past life and visitors can participate in the house's work if desired. The host and hostess also hold tours of the region's traditions and act as teachers for groups.

Seitseminen's lumberjack history is also present in the old huts, for which Pitkäjärvi's roommate is rented for overnight stays. By visiting the lumberjack sites you can explore the history of the Finnish forest industry. Trekking under the thick-barked pine trees, and relaxing in the nature is truly an experience.

Accommodation in Seitseminen National Park

With its good location, it is possible come to Seitseminen from further neighbouring municipalities. The National park is easy to reach from Tampere and from other cities such as Ylöjärvi. You can rent a cottage for yourself and do day trips to Helvetinjärvi, for example, to admire Helvetinkolu gorge. Most of Gofinland's accommodation is located in Ikaalinen and Ylöjärvi. Check out our selection and book the most suitable cottage!

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