Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi National Park
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Sipoonkorpi National Park - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The woodlands of Sipoonkorpi lie within easy reach of the Finnish capital, surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages. Sipoonkorpi's peaceful settings are a welcome green haven for local townies, especially in late summer and autumn when anyone can come here to gather plentiful wild mushrooms and berries. Sipoonkorpi is made up of many different forest types, mires and cultural landscapes. There are only a few lakes in the area. The terrain is diverse and at some points there are large changes in altitude. There are many open cliffs. There are also many spruce mires and small bogs. With all these Sipoonkorpi can be characterised as having diverse and small natural features. Sipoonkorpi national park is one of the last regions near the Helsinki metropolitan area that offers a habitat for species, such as the western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), that require large wilderness-like forest areas. Almost all of Southern Finland's forest mammal and bird species can be found at Sipoonkorpi. The landscape in Byabäcken River Valley alternates between farmed hillsides and forested hilltops and cliff areas. The river that flows through the centre of the valley is surrounded by fields and heritage landscapes - meadows and forest pastures which are used for grazing.

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