Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi National Park
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Sipoonkorpi National Park – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

When you’re looking for a cottage or other kinds of vacation rentals near Sipoonkorpi National Park, Gofinland is the place to start. Finding a cabin close to Sipoonkorpi allows you to combine a hiking trip in the middle of the most peaceful Finnish nature with a city break in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Sipoonkorpi National Park hides in the area of Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo municipalities in Southern Finland. The park is well-known for its diverse nature and being one of the most significant unbuilt woodlands in the capital area. Besides the old and valuable forests, in Sipoonkorpi National Park adventurers can walk past marshes, thick backwoods, rocky cliffs and through cultural landscapes where cows and horses pasture in summer.

Nature trails in Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi National Park is suitable for both, experienced hikers and beginners. The shortest path, Ponu's Heritage Post Nature Trail, is just 1,4 km long and leads through forests and the cultural landscape. Along the way, hikers can spot mailboxes containing postcards that introduce the local flora and fauna in a fun and innovative way.

Experienced hikers enjoy the challenging 4,8 km long Kalkinpolttaja Nature Trail. Along the route, visitors can spot a limestone mine and climb to the top of sky-reaching cliffs. Högberget Cliff is an excellent spot for admiring the landscapes in Sipoonkorpi National Park; overlooking the tall treetops, on a bright day, you can see all the way to Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki. Renting a cottage near Sipoonkorpi National Park also enables day trips to the nearby trails; try the routes at Lake Kuusijärvi in Vantaa or Keinukallio in Kerava.

Activities in Sipoonkorpi National Park

Besides nature trails, activities in Sipoonkorpi National Park allow geocaching, mountain biking, fishing, berry and mushroom picking and birdwatching. At nighttime, you might spot the Eurasian eagle-owl which is the symbol of Sipoonkorpi National Park. Rock-climbing is also possible in Sipoonkorpi at the climbing spot of Nuotiokallio Cliff.

Sipoonkorpi National Park is an excellent destination all year round. In winter you can ski along a 20-km network of cross-country tracks.

Accommodation near Sipoonkorpi National Park

If you want to stay overnight in the heart of Sipoonkorpi, the camping area can be found at Ängesböle campfire place in Byabäcken. Along the Kalkinpolttaja Nature Trail there is a lean-to where camping is also allowed.

In case you prefer exploring Sipoonkorpi National Park and the surrounding area with time, a rental cottage is an excellent choice for your stay. Besides vacation rentals, Gofinland helps you find guided activities in Sipoonkorpi National Park around the year.

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