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You can find well-being in Siuntio, less than an hour’s drive from Helsinki and one and a half hours from Turku. The peaceful setting offers a lot of see and experience, particularly for the friends of nature, exercise and history.

The varied terrain and criss-crossing paths of the Störsvik nature reserve and recreation area are a destination for the whole family. On the 1.7-kilometre cultural trail of Siuntio village, on the other hand, the cultural landscape and cultural heritage sites are presented. Alongside the trail, there is also a cultural history museum with its exhibitions.

The most active visitors are taken care of by SE-Action, which arranges activities such as canoeing, cycling, round trips and culture and nature excursions for travellers and chalet-dwellers. There are also opportunities for golf and tennis in the south part of Siuntio. In the winter, holidaymakers can be entertained by, for example, the Peuramaa Ski downhill centre and the winter activities of SE-Action such as snowshoe-walking, alpine curling and tour skating.

At Siuntio, it’s possible to go not only for a swim in the sea or into a sandy pit, but also to the spa. The spa of Siuntio also offers well-being services, a fitness gym, water and group exercise and dances for those who want to be on the go.

It’s also worth getting to know the multi-faceted natural exercise park of the spa. The park, which is well signposted, contains many easily negotiable routes along which you can admire the surrounding Siuntio. There are also viewing platforms, a roller-skating track of nearly two kilometres, a Frisbee field, two lean-tos and many other exercise possibilities in the park.

Uniquely, there are two medieval stone castles in Siuntio, the surroundings of which you can get to see. The mansion castle of Suitia is not open to the public for now, but there is a lot of to see in its park too, full of apple trees and berry bushes – not to mention the view. The buildings by the roaring rapids in the surroundings of the castle of Sjundby represent both the 18th century and also the time of the Porkkala Parenthesis. You can get to see the castle itself through SE-Action and the Guides of Porkkala Reg. Assn. also tell about the history of the area.