What to do at himos? – HIMOs activities

Although Himos is an excellent day-trip destination from almost everywhere in southern Finland, the resort provides conditions for an even longer holiday stay in the scenic landscapes of central Finland. In addition to cross-country and downhill skiing, there are numerous interesting sports activities available and suitable for participants regardless of their starting level.

Himos aktiviteetit

Himos winter activities 

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. Himos is the largest ski resort in Finland south of Tahko, and belongs to the five largest ski resorts in the entire country. There are plenty of different options for skiing, regardless of the level of experience, as the selection of 21 skiing pistes include numerous pistes of easy, medium and challenging difficulty. 15 lifts, two of which are chair lifts, take you to the top. There are convenient crossing routes between the two skiing pistes, divided into two areas - the northern and the western pistes - creating a combined run of about 1200 meters.

Skiing. The 20 km long track network at Himos serve cross country skiers well. There are 5.9 km of illuminated trails, allowing skiing even after dark. Still the best thing about the Himos tracks is that they are connected to the approximately 100 km long Jämsä track network, so there is definitely no lack of skiing terrain! Highly recommended tracks are the illuminated 4 km loop at the top of the northern pistes and the pleasant family track which is located between the northern and western pistes.

Snowmobiling. Himos also provides great opportunities for snowmobiling. If driving skills are not already mastered, there is a snowmobile school suitable for beginners, where all the basics related to this hobby are explored. As skills develop, Himos offers participation in snowmobile safaris that take groups to admire the best scenery during 1-3 hours. Should you wish to, you can also rent a snowmobile for a private excursion into Himos’ beautiful landscape.

Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing provides the chance to explore the wintery landscapes along own paths. At Himos, you can either rent snowshoes or take part in a guided snowshoe safari during which group members make a few km long excursion into the forest, on untouched snow. Snowshoeing is a safe and easy outdoor activity which easily becomes addictive.

Skating. Patalahti, situated in the immediate vicinity of the Himos resort, has, during the wintertime, an ice-skating track enabling a new type of view of Himos landscapes. The user fee can be paid at the Himos Centre, where you can also rent the necessary equipment. There is a shortcut on the three km long ice-track, shortening the skating trip to 1.5 km.

Dog sledding. When vacationing in Himos, one has the chance to get acquainted with husky dogs at a genuine dog farm. Located 24 km from the centre of Himos, the Mäkiaho farm organizes visits and offers opportunities to participate in dog sledding through the wintery scenery of Himos.

Himos summer and autumn activities

Golf. Himos has excellent conditions for playing golf. The 18-hole par72 course works according to the pay&play principle, so it’s easy to start playing. The Himos golf course offers challenges even for more experienced players as the fairways run in varied terrain and the course design has utilised the existing altitude differences.

Camping and hiking. Himos also has plenty of opportunities for hiking, as there are several marked hiking trails in the area. The lengths of the trails vary from three km to 12 km. Recommended routes are the 6 km long Himoshuippu route and the 8 km long Kolmen huioun reitti (Three peak route).

Biking. The hilly landscapes of Himos are also great for biking. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent a mountain bike for the duration of your trip. Those who dream of longer biking excursions can, for instance, head to Jämsä or to the 9 km away located Hirvikartano.

Fishing. The location of Himos in the middle of central Finland waters guarantees good conditions for fishing. If you wish, you can head to the Jämsä region lakes, ponds or rivers on your own, or you can also participate in a guided fishing trip. The Himos Centre also rents rowing boats and fishing gear for larger groups.

Canoeing. There is no need for venturing far from Himos for a canoeing trip, because you can paddle at the nearby Patalahti. If you want more of a challenge when canoeing, you can, for instance, head to Päijänne, Jämsänjoki or the famous Wanhan Vitosen canoeing route. In addition to canoe or kayak rentals, Himos also offers wilderness guide services.

Boating. In addition to the canoeing activities you can enjoy the scenery of the Himos area also by boating. The journey starts at the Himoslomat Centre, where you will receive your boat and life jackets. The view from Patalahti over Himos' hilly landscapes is a good reason to go on a boat-trip during your Himos vacation!

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