Based on the number of visitors, Levi is the most popular ski resort in Finland, offering skiing and snowboarding activities and a multitude of recreational activities and interesting tourism services all year round. Breathtakingly beautiful fell scenery, great skiing pistes, excellent services and good connections make Levi one of Finland’s most interesting tourism destinations, and is definitely worth visiting, even from afar.

Levi - Slopes and Lifts 

Levi has much to offer for both beginners and experienced skiers, as there are as many as 43 skiing slopes at the resort, ranging from easier runs to steep black pistes. The peak of the Levitunturi fell is 531 meters high; the highest altitude difference is 325 meters and the longest slope is 2.5 km. If you are looking for speedy activities, head to the northeastern pistes or the Levi Black piste, both ensuring sufficient challenge even for the world’s top skiers.

Thanks to the snow machines, the Levi slopes remain in good condition throughout the season. In total, Levi has 28 lifts, two chair lifts, two gondola lifts and three carpet lifts for beginners. Levi is a great destination also for families, as the little ones can ski for free in Levi's 10 children’s ski slopes. 

Since Levi offers plenty of pistes across the fells, the long lift queues are rare. The touring Levi Ski Bus offers rides between the slopes, the Levi Centre and the largest resorts around the fell.

Levin rinteet talvella

Levi Skiing Track and Slope Maps 

The Levi Skiing Track Map gives a good overview of the 230 km long track network. With the help of the map, you can find the best skiing tracks in Levi’s spectacular scenery.

The Levi Slope Map provides information about the pistes, lifts and services in the Levi Ski Resort. The map helps you navigate across the fells and find the best slopes for your taste.

Restaurants in Levi

The centre of Levi is like a small town with shopping opportunities and a wide selection of tourism services ranging from spas to bowling alleys. Visitors also have a wide choice of restaurants where it is possible to taste reindeer meat and other local Lapland delicacies. Tuikku, a panoramic restaurant at the top of a fell, is very famous for its breathtaking scenery. Also Levi’s nightlife is lively, as the pubs and nightclubs along the promenade offer vacationers’ entertainment at the end of each day. Levi’s famous after-ski must not be forgotten, as it is, after all, considered the best in Finland.

Ravintola Tuikku Levillä. Kuva: Juha Kalaoja

Events in Levi

Each year numerous events take place in Levi, including the Alpine World Cup, which attracts a large audience from around the world. Over the years, the prestigious race has gained great popularity among both athletes and the general public. Levi’s winter attractions - the glamour of Lapland, polar nights, frost and reindeer - have guaranteed it a spot on the international competition calendar.

In addition to the World Cup, Levi also organizes many other sports events where athletes can challenge themselves in biking, golf, trail running and other sports activities. In addition to sports and wellness events, the many gigs and concerts offer a chance to see the Finnish pop stars in Levi all year round.

Weather in Levi

The skiing season in Levi usually lasts from October until May. In the wintertime, it is recommended to pack a large amount of warm clothes with you, as in January-February, the average temperature drops to -14 degrees, and degrees as low as -30 can occur.

Especially during the spring season Levi provides excellent conditions for cross-country and downhill skiing since the average temperature in March is about -8.4 degrees and in April-May one can already enjoy warm weather in sunny slopes. During the hottest time of summer, in July, Levi’s average temperature rises to 14.4 degrees, making Levi an interesting summer destination as well.

Levi average monthly temperatures (source: National Climatic Data Centre):

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Av. temperat. °C -14,0 -13,1 -8,4 -2,0 4,8 11,4 14,4 11,5 5,9 -0,5 -7,2 -11,6

How to get to Levi?

Despite its location in the far north, Levi is easily reachable, as the Kittilä airport is located about 17 km and the Kolari railway station about 85 km away from Levi. By car or bus, the distance to the city of Rovaniemi is 170 km and the city of Oulu is 380 km. Visiting Levi also gives you a great opportunity to visit the close-by fells Ylläs (65 km) and Pallas (60 km) in the Finnish Lapland.

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