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Laskettelua Levillä


Levi Winter Activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. The largest ski resort in Finland offers skiers and snowboarders a total of 43 skiing pistes, 28 lifts and, of course, extensive after ski options in the spectacular fell landscape. Learn more about Levi’s pistes here.

Skiing. To the delight of skiing fans, Levi has a total of 230 km maintained ski tracks, including sections with skiing on ice as well as on the pistes of the fells. The 28 km long illuminated trails offer a chance to ski from early morning to late at night – even during polar nights!

Northern Lights tours. The northern location of Levi guarantees great opportunities to see Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, during the trip. In order to make the experience as memorable as possible, it is worthwhile to take part in an organized Northern Lights tour which lets you admire the dancing lights in amid incredible landscapes.

Snowmobiling. The snowmobile is the fastest means of transport through the masses of snow in the fell area of Lapland. If snowmobiling is not already familiar, beginners are offered courses in learning the basics of driving a snowmobile. With adequate skills it is possible to explore the beautiful nature of Lapland through speedy activities.

Visits to husky- and reindeer farms. When in Levi, be sure to take the time to visit a husky- or reindeer farm, where you can admire the lives of the Arctic Siberian huskies and genuine Lapland reindeer. At many farms it is also possible to feed the animals, give lassoing reindeer a try and sample traditional Lappish reindeer dishes.

Reindeer and husky safaris. In addition to farm visits, Levi offers participation in reindeer safaris or driving husky sleds. Dog sledding is a great winter activity offering unforgettable experiences also for larger groups.

Ice fishing trips. Ice fishing provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and the pure nature of Lapland. On guided ice fishing trips experienced guides take participants to fish-rich lakes from which, in the best possible scenario, you will bring back a great catch.

Kick sledding tours. Levi’s kicks sledding tours are all about having fun. During the good-spirited and relaxed-paced excursions, participants can explore Levi’s sights and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

Snowshoeing tours. Snowshoeing is about creating new trails and conquering the tops of the fells in good company. There are plenty of guided snowshoe hiking trails in Levi, with tours advancing according to the group’s own wishes, be it at a slow pace or challenging speeds. Snowshoeing is easy, and a perfectly suitable activity also for beginners.

Icelandic horse trek. Riding sympathetic Icelandic horses is an easy activity that doesn’t require previous riding experience and joining a small group of riders offers a unique way to get to know the nature in the Levi area.

Icekarting. Icekarting is for the fans of speed and driven with go-karts equipped with studded tires. The activity that is suitable for all ages lets you challenge yourself or compete against other drivers on the ice-track of a frozen lake.

Visit an Ice Gallery. Being at Levi also provides a good opportunity to visit an ice-built hotel or a snow-molded restaurant. The ice gallery Luvattumaa, Lainio snow village and the snow restaurant Snow Dome are must-see venues for all Arctic culture lovers.

Saunas and ice baths. Enjoying a sauna at the end of a cold winter day is the perfect finish to an adventurous vacation day. The most daring sauna-goers can cool off in the snow outside or take a quick ice bath in the lake. The winning combination of ice baths and the heat of the sauna have many people hooked. Would you dare try it?

Levi Summer Activities

Hiking: Levi offers both short hiking trips and long wilderness hikes, since in addition to the marked nature trails in the vicinity, hikers can venture all the way to the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. The changing seasons each bring their own colour to hiking, and you can, for example, enjoy nightless night excursions during midsummer or be mesmerised by beautiful autumn colours.

Rafting and paddling. When paddling, you get an entirely new perspective of the tranquil nature of Lapland. Especially popular among canoeists are the Ounasjoki, Kapsajoki, Aakenusjoki and Loukinen rivers. Adventurers who look for more action are welcomed to try out the whirling waves of the rapids on guided rafting tours.

Golf. Believe it or not, but Levi indeed offers the possibility to play golf at a full 18-hole golf course. The golf course which was completed in 2008 offers players a nice challenge and beautiful landscapes in the regions of Levitunturi and Ounasjoki. The northernmost golf course of Finland is somewhat exotic, as it allows you to play around the clock during the summer, and it isn’t unusual to spot a reindeer or two near the course.

Summer Toboggan run. The Levi fell landscapes can be enjoyed in quick mode on a summer toboggan run of about two minutes. Suitable for people of all ages this activity is free for children under 6 years, when accompanied by an adult. You decide on the speed, because you can either take your time or slide down at speeds of up to 50 km per hour!

Scenic lifts. Levi’s scenic lifts take the traveler up to the finest vantage points. After taking the Express scenic lift or the Gondoli2000 lift to the top, you can descend either by hiking trails, a summer toboggan run or continue your journey with the lift.

Biking. Levi offers plenty of options for biking because you can ride a fatbike in rugged terrain, make long bike trips on a mountain bike, or experience high speeds on a downhill or enduro bike ride. Levi’s Bike Park gives you the chance to challenge yourself on the best downhill track in Finland.

Disc golf. The nightless summer nights are the most amazing time for Disc golfers as Levi’s tracks are available around the clock. In Lapland, particularly steep pistes provide a unique challenge for Disc golfers.

Levi Adventure Park. There are a number of interesting adventure tracks in Levi Adventure Park, where you can challenge yourself on ropes at heights of up to five meters. The adventure park tracks at Levi Activity Park are also perfect for children, as the most suitable tracks can be selected according to their own skills, fitness and height.

Tennis. During the summer season there are two tennis courts,free of charge for guests, at Levi Activity Park. A tennis match at the foot of the fells is an experience that few tennis players have had the opportunity to try.

Mini Golf. The Levi Activity Park mini golf course offers the opportunity to play with friends or family. The clubs and balls for the 18-hole course can be rented from the Activity Park rental location.

The children’s traffic- and playground. In the traffic park for children under the age of 12, the youngest of the family can learn traffic rules in the company of other children. Next to the free traffic park there is also a separate playground where you can try out a lot of interesting toys.

Fishing and hunting. The nature of Lapland guarantees good conditions for fishing and hunting. Guided excursions introduce you to fishing and you will be able to try your luck in the most fish-rich waters of the region. Even if you are new to hunting, Levi’s hunting programs allow you to explore it in the company of experienced guides.

Year-round activities 

Spa. Levin’s high-quality spa is known for its versatility, offering a choice of enjoying the atmosphere in the whirlpools, spending time in the outdoor pools or swim laps in the fitness pool. In addition to traditional saunas, the spa offers relaxation in steam rooms and specialty saunas available in the pool section.

Gyms and fitness. You don’t have to forget about your fitness routines during your holiday trip, as the gym in Levi offers wellness for everyone. Levi Wellness Club also offers exercise classes for groups and personal trainer services.

Climbing. If the pistes of the fells do not feel like sufficiently steep climbing terrain, you can also try climbing a 3-meter high boulder wall in the Levi Activity Park’s climbing hall. Bouldering without the use of harnesses is ideal for all enthusiasts regardless of age and prior experience.

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