Messilän hiihtokeskus

Located in Hollola, just 10 km from the city of Lahti and about 110 km from Helsinki, Messilä is the most popular ski resort in southern Finland, where there are plenty of fun activities all year round. There are also plenty of rental cottages that provide a setting for an active holiday in the beautiful scenery of Salpausselkä and Vesijärvi in the Finnish Lakeland.

Messilä slopes

There are a total of 10 slopes in the Messilä Ski Resort, offering a great variety for skiing and snowboarding. For the delight of the beginners, there are two easy blue slopes and four medium-sized red slopes. Those who are looking for more challenging slopes can head to the Messilä Snowpark.

Messilä Slope Map and the Skiing Track Map

The Messilä Slope Map (jpg file) provides information on the slopes of the Messilä Ski Resort and shows also the locations of cafes, restaurants and rental companies.

The Messilä Skiing Track Map gives you up-to-date information on the ski tracks in Messilä and Lahti.

Restaurants and cafés in Messilä

The Café Laaso, known for its sunny terrace, serves skiers and snowboarders at the foot of the Laaso slope. Those who want to have a longer break may want to head to Messilä Bistro, where they serve pizza, hamburgers and other delicacies. Kartano Restaurant, which is open all year round, serves top quality delicacies cooked from pure raw materials. In addition, there is a separate Market Restaurant in the Messilä area, which serves large groups on request. 

Weather and Climate in Messilä

Due to the southern location of Messilä, the skiing season starts typically in December and ends in early April. Unlike the ski resorts in northern Finland, very cold temperatures in Messilä are very rare, as the average temperature of about -6 ° C in January-February guarantees excellent conditions for skiing activities.

Monthly average temperatures in Messilä (source: National Climatic Data Center):

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Avg. temp. (c) -6,0 -6,4 -3,3 2,2 8,6 14,1 16,9 15,5 10,7 5,4 0,4 -3,4

Traveling: How to get to Messilä?

Thanks to the central location of Messilä, the ski resort is easily accessible from all parts of Southern Finland. The distance to Messilä is 110 km from Helsinki and only 10 km from the city of Lahti. Kouvola (71 km) and Hämeenlinna (71 km) are also located within a short distance from the ski resort.

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