PYHÄ Ski Resort

Pyhätunturi, awarded the title Ski Resort of the Year in Finland for several years, fascinates the skier not only with its impressive scenery, but also with its well-maintained pistes. In addition to the 14 maintained slopes, Pyhä offers a possibility to challenge oneself in renowned freeskiing terrain. Thanks to its extensive track network, you can also ski to the nearby village of Luosto or explore the beautiful nature of the Pyhä-Luosto national park.

Pyhän hiihtokeskus talvella

Pyhä Slopes

Pyhä offers skiers a total of 14 pistes and 8 lifts, of which the PyhäExpress chairlift carrying 6 people simultaneously takes the entire party to the top of the fell. The longest piste is 1800 meters long, the highest altitude difference is 280 meters and the peak of the fell is 500 meters high. Once the Pyhätunturi pistes have become familiar enough, skiing can be continued conveniently in Ruka, as the same ski pass is valid in both ski resorts.

The Pyhä ski resort is particularly famous for its excellent freeskiing opportunities, and it has even been claimed that Pyhä is the ultimate place to try freeskiing. As many as seven freeskiing areas at Pyhätunturi and the Pyhä-Luosto national park will allow you to explore new routes in the rugged fell scenery. If the activity is not familiar, an easy option is starting by trying freeskiing on guided tours. Before heading to a freeskiing area, it is advisable to familiarise oneself with the prevailing conditions, as the risk of avalanches is always present.

Pyhä Skiing Track and Slope Maps

The Pyhä-Luosto Skiing Track Map provides information about the 150 km of cross-country trails and services. The Luosto and Pyhä tracks are connected, enabling you to easily explore the terrain of both ski resorts. Most of the maintained Pyhä-Luosto tracks are suitable for both traditional and skating-style skiing.

The Pyhä Slope Map provides information about the locations of the skiing pistes and lifts. With the help of the map you can plan the course of your day and also explore the services offered in the area.

Pyhän hiihtokeskus

Restaurants and Cafés in Pyhä

Pyhä has a great selection of restaurants and cafés to suit many different tastes. During the day, you can pop into the cozy rustic restaurants of PyhäWurst, Tsokka or Calle-talo, conveniently located next to the pistes. If you are looking for tasty food, check out the restaurants Huttuhippu, Huttu-Uula or Kopara. 

Events in Pyhä

Many interesting events are organized throughout the year in the Pyhä region. In the heart of the winter, you can participate in slalom races, celebrate the season at the Polar Nights Festival, or attend numerous different wellness events. During the sports holiday week, you can enjoy great music at atmospheric concerts, take part in guided excursion on the fells, or feed reindeer at an authentic reindeer farm.

As the spring progresses, Pyhä offers the possibility to attend the Pyhä Backcountry Weekend freeskiing event, enjoy Easter celebrations or celebrate the first day of spring at gigs of top performing artists.

In the summertime, Pyhä hosts Disc golf competitions, the Pyhä Midsummer festivities and the renowned Pyhä Unplugged music festival. During the autumn holidays, Pyhä provides a great opportunity to participate in family excursions, challenge oneself at the athletic Pyhä Boot Camp or play traditional games at the Lampivaara Puuhapiha activity centre.

Weather and Climate in Pyhä

Pyhä’s climate guarantees excellent conditions for a long ski season, which typically begins in November and ends only around the time of the first day of spring, at the end of April and beginning of May. In mid-winter, during December-February, average temperatures in Pyhä will drop well below -10 degrees, letting one really enjoy so-called real winter in the snowy landscapes of the fells. Skiing temperatures are at their best in March-April, when spring days with mild freezing temperatures are very typical of the area.

Pyhä average monthly temperatures (source: National Climatic Data Centre):

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Avg. temp. (c) -14,0 -13,1 -8,4 -2,0 4,8 11,4 14,4 11,5 5,9 -0,5 -7,2 -11,6

How to get to Pyhä?

By plane: The nearest airport to Pyhätunturi is located in Rovaniemi, about 130 km from the fell. A Ski Bus departing from the airport on a daily basis drives passengers conveniently to the fell. In addition to the Rovaniemi airport, travellers are also served by the Kuusamo airport, located at a distance of 195 km.

By train: When traveling by train, it is advisable to head to either the Kemijärvi or Rovaniemi railway stations, from which you can continue to the fell with the daily operating Ski Bus. During the winter season Ski Bus connections operate four times a day, and during summer, twice a day.

By bus: The Ski Bus provides daily transportation to Pyhä from Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi. You can safely travel by a regular scheduled route bus to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi and continue your trip to Pyhätunturi with a separate Ski Bus.

By car: By car, you can easily reach Pyhä either by the E75 Road or the E63 Road. The distance is 680 km from Jyväskylä, 340 km from Oulu and 135 km from Rovaniemi. 

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