What to do in Pyhä? - Pyhä activities

Laskettelija hiihtohississä Pyhällä 

Pyhä winter activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. Pyhä is an excellent choice for downhill skiing and snowboarding, as the ski resort is known for its great piste conditions and exceptionally good freeride skiing opportunities. In addition to the 9 lifts and 14 pistes, there are as many as seven freeride areas in the Pyhätunturi region, offering challenges even for more experienced riders. The range of pistes provide options suitable for beginners as the pistes of the fell and medium pistes are optimal for practising. Those who want more speed can head to either the Piste Palander FIS-piste or the steepest piste of the entire country, the Huttu-Ukko.

Skiing. Pyhätunturi’s location in the immediate vicinity of the Pyhä-Luosto national park is great for cross-country skiing. The 150 km long cross-country skiing tracks offer a great variety for days on skis. One can also conveniently ski from one fell to another, as the skiing trails of Pyhä and Luosto are connected. If the idea of a return journey on skis feels too cumbersome, you can also hop onto the Ski Bus trafficking the area.

Snowmobiling. As with the skiing tracks, also the snowmobile trails of Pyhä and Luosto are connected with each other, allowing you to conveniently access both resorts by snowmobile. Pyhä also offers the opportunity to rent a snowmobile or alternatively take part in a guided snowmobiling safari. Snowmobiling in the spectacular Pyhä fell scenery is an experience one will never forget!

Snowshoeing. In the Pyhätunturi area, the snowshoeing trails in the terrain are marked with blue squares attached to trees. In addition to independent trips, you can also take part in guided snowshoeing excursions, where you can get tips related to snowshoeing and learn more about the magnificent nature of the area. Snowshoes can be rented from the Pyhä and Luosto area rental locations.

Husky safaris. The husky farm located between the Pyhä and Luosto resorts offers an opportunity to explore arctic animals all year round. If you want to try dog sledding yourself, there are dog sledding safaris with a duration varying from a few hours to two day long hikes. The husky safaris always require some preliminary preparations, so it is advisable to reserve them directly from the husky farm.

Reindeer farm visits and reindeer safaris. There are two reindeer farms in the Pyhä-Luosto area, where you can explore the authentic Sámi culture and traditional reindeer farming from a local perspective. In addition to reindeer farm visits, there are also reindeer safaris, allowing you to experience the Pyhä-Luosto area nature with a traditional form of transportation. How would it sound, for example, to have a fun-filled Northern Lights excursion on a reindeer sled?

Northern Lights Tours. Your holiday in Pyhä also provides a great opportunity to see the Northern Lights with your own eyes. Due to Pyhä’s northern location, Northern Lights are visible on clear and dark nights from August to mid-April. The best visibility is guaranteed outside the resort areas, so it is worthwhile to head away from the artificial lights at night. Pyhä also arranges guided Northern Lights safaris, which take the participants straight to the most magnificent scenic spots.

Pyhä summer activities

Tour de Pyhä

Tour de Pyhä takes hikers into breathtakingly beautiful fell scenery.

Tour de Pyhä. Tour de Pyhä, which is arranged in the spectacular terrain of Pyhätunturi, offers the opportunity to experience the nature of the area through three activities - mountain biking, canoeing and hiking. A 12 km long mountain bike trail circles the Pyhäjärvi lake, a 13 km long canoeing route proceeds on the tranquil Pyhäjoki river and a 7 km long hiking section goes across the Soutaja fell. The tour is a comprehensive physical experience that provides a unique way to explore the Pyhä region. Learn more here: Tour de Pyhä

Hiking in the national park of Pyhä-Luosto. The Pyhä-Luosto national park, located in the immediate vicinity of the fell resorts Pyhä and Luosto, is known for its majestic landscapes, impressive gorges and pure nature. Originally established in 1938 and extended in 2005, the national park offers hikers numerous interesting hiking and nature trails through which you can explore billions of years old spectacular details. For more information about the area, visit the Nature Centre Naava, open every day.

Biking and mountain biking. During your holiday, you can either choose to cycle on the highway routes or alternatively on the site’s nature trails. Biking is a great way to explore the geologically unique nature of the area. If looking for traditional biking trails, you could, for example, head to the circular route between Pyhätunturi and Soutaja or from the Luosto resort to Lampivaara. Recommended areas for mountain biking include the Pyhä-Lupo route or the mountain biking trail to Kopara from Huttujärvi.

Pyhä Scenic Lift. The scenic lift operated at Pyhä offers a convenient way to explore the vast landscape. The PyhäExpress chairlifts carrying six take visitors up to the fells and the return journey can be done hiking at your own pace.

Luosto Amethyst mine. The only amethyst mine in Europe is located in the immediate vicinity of the Luosto fell resort. It also belongs to the world’s only gemstone mines open to visitors, so this is definitely a destination worth visiting. During the guided visits, you can hear fascinating stories about the mine and also dig your own amethyst to take with you.

Disc golf. The Pythagorean is an 18-hole Disc golf course, suitable for players of all levels. The lengths of the courses range from 40 meters to 273 meters and offer nice variations in the vicinity of the Pyhä family pistes. Discs can be rented either from Hotel Pyhätunturi or Pyhähippu Oy. In addition Pyhä, Disc golf can also be played at the Discgolf Park at Luosto.

Canoeing. Pyhä also offers great opportunities for paddling, as according to your own preferences, you can head for an independent canoe trip or take part in a guided canoeing safari. Canoeing is an easy way to explore the beautiful nature of Pyhä, and the activity suits everyone, regardless of level of experience. Pyhäjoki and Kitinen are especially good waterways in the area.

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