What to do in Ruka? - Ruka activities

Laskettelua Rukalla 

Ruka Winter Activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. Ruka’s long ski season allows you to ski and go snowboarding at the ski resort over 200 days a year! The 34 pistes, stretched across the range of fells, offer plenty of options ranging from sloping pistes suitable for children to fast-paced black skiing pistes and world cup-level moguls. The legendary Ruka Ski School guides beginners and also helps more experienced skiers enhance their skills. As the second most popular ski resort in Finland, Ruka also has excellent after ski spots and visitor services to cater to all wishes.

Skiing. Ruka is also a great destination for lovers of cross country skiing, as Ruka has nearly 90 km of well-maintained ski tracks, and by incorporating the Kuusamo area, a total of 170 km. Varied terrains and a ski season lasting from October to April have made Ruka a popular destination among skiers. Along the ski tracks there are also a number of cafés, perfect for taking breaks and warm up with a hot beverage.

Snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a fast-paced winter activity that provides an opportunity to explore the impressive nature of the Kuusamo region, away from the settlement centres. According to your preference, you can either rent your own snowmobile or take part in a guided snowmobile safari that takes you to enjoy spectacular views. Whether you want to experience a peaceful scenic drive or a fast-paced ride on a safari, the programs offer plenty of choice for a variety of tastes.

Snowshoeing. When snowshoeing, you can conquer the fells of the Kuusamo region and even visit the Oulanka national park river valleys. There are several snowshoeing routes in the Ruka area, ranging from a one kilometer long path to a 26 km long wilderness tour. If you don’t own your own snowshoes, you can rent equipment for a trip from the Ruka area’s tourism entrepreneurs.

Husky safaris. Dog sledding is a suitable winter activity for the entire family, and also allows you to try taking the command yourself. Guided tours range from short trips to wilderness excursions lasting several days.

Reindeer farm visits and reindeer safaris. When visiting the reindeer farms, you can explore the lives of the northern animals, hear stories about the long tradition of reindeer herding, feed the reindeer, and give the challenging lassoing a try. From the reindeer farm, you can also take off on an exciting reindeer safari, during which you can enjoy the wintery scenery from the comfort of a sled.

Northern Lights tours. Ruka offers a great opportunity to also see the Northern Lights. Whether you want to experience them on an independent adventure or as part of a guided Northern Lights tour, Ruka provides plenty of alternatives. A snowmobile tour guided by an experienced guide can take you snowmobiling in the Kuusamo nature, enjoying coffee by the campfire and if lucky, viewing the Northern Lights.

Ruka Summer Activities

Camping and hiking. While exploring Kuusamo, there are plenty of options to choose from, as there are short nature trails as well as long hiking trails in the beautiful landscapes of Oulanka national park. The Rukan valloitus, Valtavaara day trip or the little Karhunkierros also known as the little Bear’s trail, are all good alternatives for shorter hiking trips. For longer hikes you can choose the actual Karhunkierros or Bear's trail, a 95 km long route enabling you to explore the most important sights of the Oulanka national park.

Mountain biking. Ruka’s mountain bike trails run in varied terrains on fell pistes, gravel trails and forest terrain. The ever-changing routes offer plenty of challenge for even more experienced bikers. In addition to mountain biking, Ruka offers the possibility to try fatbike biking or fast-paced downhill biking.

Fishing. Kuusamo is the ideal place for fishing, because the nature of the area is pure and the waters have plenty of fish. Fishermen who want to try to catch the famous Oulanka trout should try their luck at either Kitkajoki or Kuusinkijoki rivers, but on the other hand, also other waters in the area have great fishing spots. For beginners, there are also guided fishing trips, during which experienced guides take the party to the best fishing spots and give you the best tips for great catches.

Canoeing, rafting and stand-up paddle boarding. The free-flowing rapids of Kuusamo provide an excellent place for trying rafting. From May to the end of October, rafting adventure tours let you experience adrenaline peaks in the rapids and enjoy the feeling of freedom in the tranquil calms. In addition to rafting, you can spend an unforgettable summers day at Ruka also canoeing or stand-up paddle boarding.

Disc golf. Ruka’s 18-hole Disc golf course is famous for its large altitude differences and long bays. Circling the course independently, with friends or even with the entire family, offers nice entertainment during a holiday. At Ruka this activity is free and the course can be circled even in the middle of the night! Discs can be rented, for example, from the RukaStore or from the summer toboggan run lower level station.

Ruka summer toboggan run. Ruka has the longest summer toboggan run in Finland, offering a fast and easy way to explore the area’s fell landscape. The trip up is conveniently made with a chair lift and the descent can be made completely at your own pace – and completely safely. Tickets for the one kilometer long summer toboggan run can be purchased from the lower level chair lift station.

Ruka Year-round Activities

Saunatour Kuusamossa

Sauna tour. According to local belief, the best saunas in the world are located in Kuusamo. High quality saunas can best be enjoyed on the organized Sauna tour, where you can experience nine different saunas during the same day. At the same time you can enjoy pampering sauna therapies, try a peat treatment, or attend a sauna Yoga session. The sauna experience is further enhanced by being served local delicacies. Find out more about the Sauna tours here.

Spa. In accordance with its name, the Kuusamo Tropiikki (Tropical) spa can be compared to a southern holiday destination where the tropical atmosphere is created by lush green plants and beautiful natural stones on the edges of the pools. A temperature of +32 degrees Celsius and hot tubs provide relaxation even during cooler weather. In addition to traditional saunas, the sauna spa has a steam sauna for both men and women, as well as a sauna with a terrace, which can be booked for your own use.

Bowling. In Kuusamo you can also go bowling, as there is a bowling alley in connection with the Kuusamo Tropiikki spa, which serves visitors every day of the week. In addition to regular bowling, there is also glow bowling in the evenings, where having fun in good company is all that matters.

Angry Birds Activity Park. The Angry Birds Activity Park is a full-fledged adventure park, where you can try parkour, drive on a racing track, test your balance in a jumping game and challenge others in precision football. Parents have access to their own lounge area, offering relaxation after a fast-paced adventure day.

Santa’s summer cottage. The Ruka-Kuusamo area also features Santa’s summer cottage where you can chat with Santa Claus and his wife, visit with the elves, make gingerbread cookies, go sledding and simply enjoy the Christmas spirit even off-season. Transportation to Santa’s summer cottage leaves from the courtyard of Rukahovi, hotel Kuusamo and Kuusamo Tropiikki.

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