Saariselkä Activities



Activities in Winter

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. When skiing in Saariselkä you can experience two different fells at the same time - Iisakkipää (416 m) and Kaunispää (437 m). A total of 15 slopes and 6 lifts offer a comfortable variation to the skiing day. The difficulty level of the slopes ranges from very easy to difficult, so Saariselkä offers challenges even for more experienced riders. Your own skiing skills can also be tested in Freestyle Park or the popular ski cross park. In Saariselkä the skiing season lasts for a long time even on the Finnish scale.

Skiing. Saariselkä is the ideal destination for all cross-country skiers, as it is possible to ski on the fells of Saariselkä from October to May.  There are as many as 200 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails and 34 km of illuminated ski trails. In addition to the tracks, in Saariselkä there is the opportunity to ski in the midst of mountains and wilderness on snowmobile tracks.

Snowshoeing. Saariselkä has great conditions for snowshoeing, because the marked snowshoeing trails running close to the village of Saariselkä and in the Kiilopää area allow for a safe start for hobby for the first time. As the experience gains, take your snowshoes and head towards the top of the highest fells.

Snowmobiling. Snowmobiling gives you a chance to get to know the beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland. Especially the end of the season and the early spring are the best time for snowmobiling. If the hobby is not familiar to you, in Saariselkä you will find many guided snowmobile safaris during which you can experience the best routes in the area.


Saariselkä - Activities During the Summer Season

Saariselkä aktiviteetit

Hiking. Saariselkä can be considered a hiker's paradise for good reason, as the nature trails gives you a chance to trek in the Saariselkä neighborhood and in the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Mountain biking. The area's easy-going fells provide the finest conditions for mountain biking, and you can continue the journey further to the open forestlands. If you do not have your own bike, you can easily rent a mountain bike for example at the reception at Kona Shop Saariselkä, which is part of Saariselkä Central Booking.

Canoeing. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a beginner, there are plenty of options for canoeing in Saariselkä. First-time visitors are welcome to take part in one of the guided canoeing trips in Saariselkä. As the skills develop, Inarijärvi, Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki are great destinations for a canoeing trip. Fresh waters of Lapland provide excellent conditions for both kayaking and canoeing excursions.

Fishing. Thanks to the pure nature, the Lapland region is also a great destination for fishing. The rivers flowing through the wilderness, Teno, Inari, Ivalo, Näämätöjoki, Juutua and Luottojoki are all within a reasonable drive from the village of Saariselkä. Fishing permits can be purchased at Metsähallitus customer service points and guided tours for fishing trips can be made via Saariselkä program service companies.

Spa. Saariselkä is home to one of the northernmost spas in the world. Enjoy your stay in the jacuzzi and let steam do its thing in an atmospheric sauna. A visit to the spa offers a great balance to the more physical activities.


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