Sappeen hiihtokeskus

The Sappee resort, located in Pälkäne, near Tampere and Hämeenlinna, is known not only for its versatile skiing slopes, but also for its comprehensive service and accommodation options. In addition to skiing, numerous events and cozy restaurants makes even a longer stay at Sappee very enjoyable.

Slopes in Sappee

Considering its location in southern Finland, Sappee Ski Resort offers an excellent selection of skiing pistes. The difficulty levels of the 12 pistes range from very easy to medium. The highest altitude difference is 120 meters and the longest slope measures 850 meters. Sappee is a great choice especially for families with children, as children enjoy themselves in the Lastenmaa children’s ski area as well as on the larger kid-friendly slopes. Those who are looking for more speed can head to Sappee’s park pistes. Mini-Street is a great place for practicing freestyle skiing and as skills develop, one can continue on the more challenging Iso-Street.

Sappee laskettelu

Sappee Skiing Track and Slope Maps

The Sappee Slope Map (pdf file) provides information about the pistes, lifts and services of the Sappee ski resort.

The Pälkäne Skiing Track Map on the other hand, gives up-to-date information about the ski tracks in the Sappee region.

Restaurants and Cafés in Sappee

Travellers coming to Sappee are served by the year-round open Huippu event centre, which also provides a wonderful setting for weddings, seminars and festivals. Huippu is also an active hotspot where live music from top Finnish artists can be enjoyed in the weekends.

In addition to the event centre Huippu, Sappee has many other cafés and restaurants. On weekends and during the winter season, the Vohvelikahvila waffles café serves savory and sweet treats to hungry skiers at the top of the Perherinne family slope. The Á la Cafe, located at the lower centre, is an excellent resting spot for relaxation in between runs. In addition, there is the Ekokammi restaurant, which you can book to enjoy some great food in an old-fashioned log cottage.

Tapahtumakeskus Huippu, Sappee

Events in Sappee

In the winter and spring, Sappee offers a multitude of activities. Numerous events provide experiences for the entire family. A gig at the Huippu event centre or a karaoke performance at the Vohvelikahvila waffle café are both great endings to an active winters day.

During the summer, Sappee has a number of different sports events where you can challenge yourself in the diverse landscape. The BikePark organizes familiarisation events for beginners, providing practical tips for downhill biking. In the summer, you can also get acquainted with biking camps for women only, providing an opportunity to explore downhill biking in great company.

During autumn, the Huippu event centre hosts a number of Finnish top artists’ gigs, which are definitely worth coming to enjoy even from afar.

Weather and Climate in Sappee

Although Sappee is located in southern Finland, the resort still has a long ski season. The average temperatures in January-February can drop to -10 degrees, and in March the Pälkäne area usually enjoys a couple of minus-degrees. The skiing season typically begins in November, when the average temperature drops further.

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Av. temp. (c) -9,3 -9,2 -4,8 2,3 8,9 14,9 15,7 14,5 9,8 5,3 -0,6 -5,8

How to get to Sappee?

The Sappee resort in Pälkäne, Finland is best accessible by your own car. The resort is located near the major cities of southern Finland: 164 km from Helsinki, 187 km from Turku, 64 km from Hämeenlinna and 57 km from Tampere.

If you are not driving yourself, Sappee can also be reached by bus. The Luopioinen Line bus company operates the route between Tampere and Sappee.

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