What to do in SAPPEE? - SAPPEE activities

Sappee aktiviteetit

Sappee Winter Activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. Although Sappee is located close to the major cities of southern Finland, the extensive amount of skiing pistes comes as a positive surprise. A total of 12 pistes include alternatives from very easy children’s pistes to medium difficulty pistes. The altitude difference to the top of the piste is 120 meters and the longest piste is 850 meters.

The Sappee Ski Resort is an excellent choice especially for families with children, but it also provides possibilities for more experienced skiers. For those who want to go for more speed, there is the Sappee SnowPark, where you can find streets and a cross track, which both offer plenty of challenge for the day.

Skiing. There are 14 km of cross-country ski tracks in the hilly terrain of Sappee. There are also three well-maintained lean-to shelters along the tracks, offering great places to rest. The tracks in the Sappee area are not illuminated, so it’s best to schedule skiing activities for when there is daylight.

Snowshoeing. Sappee also provides good opportunities for snowshoeing. The resort has marked snowshoe trails that are well suited for the entire family. Once the trails have become familiar enough, snowshoeing can be continued on unspoiled terrain on the pistes of Sappee. Snowshoes can be rented from the Sappee rental location.

Snowshoe football. Yes - you read it right! The activity suited for 8-20 persons guarantees plenty of laughter for your winter holiday. Snowshoe football is a great way to challenge each other in a good-spirited tournament.

Ice fishing. When staying at the Sappee tourism resort you can also take part in a guided ice fishing trip. The 4-hour excursion includes the necessary ice fishing equipment, fishing licenses and meals. These excursions take place between January and April and are organized by Fantasy Fishing.

Snowmobiling. A snowmobile safari offers a quick way to distance oneself from everyday worries. Pre-booked safaris are a great choice also for larger groups. Excursions organized by the Sydän-Hämeen Safarit Oy company take participants into the spectacular landscapes of the Sappee area.

Sappee hiihtokeskus aktiviteetit

Sappee Summer Activities

Downhill biking. As the snow melts, Sappee turns into the most splendid place for downhill biking. The resort has more than ten biking trails that offer speed also for more experienced riders. The largely machine-built routes are also suitable for beginners. In the summer months, Sappee organizes downhill biking events and camps that offer an opportunity to explore the sport further.

Camping. Those interested in camping and hiking can conveniently get to the Laipanmaa nature trails from the Sappee resort. Laipanmaa is one of the largest wilderness areas in southern Finland, with some 30 km of guided trails. In addition to the tranquil nature, Laipanmaa has campfire sites and lean-to shelters for hikers.

Disc golf. Sappee offers Disc golf on a full-scale Disc golf course. The high-quality course set in forest terrain meets the competition requirements of the sport. The approximately two-hour tour is perfect for all ages. Necessary equipment can be rented from the Sappee resort and enthusiastic beginners can also hire an instructor.

Riding. The Sappee Riding School, located near the resort, offers possibilities for horseback riding. As skills develop, the school provides opportunities to participate in competitions and other events of interest.

Paintball. The fenced paintball field situated in the immediate vicinity of Sappee offers a great experience for those interested in fast-paced activities. The price of the activity includes an introduction, the necessary equipment, and monitoring of the game. The fast-paced activity is suitable for groups of colleagues and for instance, bachelor or hen parties.

Volleyball. Sappee also has a volleyball court on sand, next to its Caravan service building, providing a great opportunity for a match. If you didn’t bring your own volleyball, you can conveniently rent one from the Sappee rental location.

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