TAHKO Ski Resort

Located in Kuopio, Tahko is a year-round resort with great skiing pistes, a wide skiing terrain, plenty of interesting events and cozy restaurants. Due to its central location, Tahko is easily accessible from anywhere in Finland – also by public transport.

Tahko pistes

Tahko can compete with many more northern located ski resorts, as it has as many as 24 pistes and 15 lifts, including two chairlifts seating a party of four. The longest run measures more than 1200 meters and the altitude difference is about 200 meters. In addition to the many pistes, Tahko is also renowned for its extensive restaurant and accommodation facilities, which makes it a vibrant resort all year round. There is also a popular ski school in Tahko, awarded Ski School of the Year in 2010. The lake landscape visible from the front pistes makes skiing at Tahko a unique experience.

Tahko Skiing Track and Slope maps 

The Tahko Skiing Track Map is your guide to the tracks and skating trails of the Tahko area.

The Tahko Slope Map shows the pistes, lifts and connecting routes between the pistes. Check out the The Tahko front slopes and Tahko back slopes.    

Tahko restaurants

Tahko has a variety of restaurants ranging from cozy after-ski places to gourmet food restaurants and popular entertainment venues. During your stay at Tahko you can enjoy meals at Restaurants Piazza, Golden Resort or Hillside. If you feel like dancing, head for the Bar Restaurant Mosquito, Pub Karhu or Pehkubaari.

Tahko events

During the winter season, Tahko’s events can compete with any ski resort in Finland. During your holiday, you can enjoy the New Year’s party, the Tahko torch run, the Tahko lake hockey or the Finnish Rally Championship races. Tahko is also a vibrant entertainment centre with top artist gigs held during the winter weekends.

Tahko offers plenty of events also during the summer. During the summer holiday months there are the festive Midsummer festivals with popular performers, the Tahko MTB mountain bike event, the Tahko Summer Theatre or the Finntriahtlon Tahko competition. In the autumn good reasons for heading to Tahko are the popular Disc golf event, the traditional Tahko Oktoberfest or the Tahko run.

Weather and Climate in Tahko

Tahko is also a great year-round destination due to its climate, as winter frosts remain moderate and the summer season does provide also warm periods. Ideal skiing conditions prevail in March, when Tahko typically offers skiing in a few degrees below zero. During the hottest time of summer, in July, the average temperature of the month was almost 17 degrees Celsius.

Monthly average temperatures in Kuopio (source: National Climatic Data Center):

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Avg. temp. (c) -9,5 -9,1 -4,9 1,3 8,2 14,3 16,8 14,5 9,1 3,5 -2,7 -7,5

How to get to Tahko?

By plane: Tahko is conveniently accessible by plane, because the Kuopio Rissala airport is located only 50 km from the resort. Finnair flies between Helsinki and Kuopio several times a day, so pack your skis and be in the landscapes of Savonia in less than an hour!

By train: Tahko can also be reached by train, as the nearest railway stations are located 40 km away at Siilinjärvi and 65 km away at Kuopio. From the train station you can continue your journey on the shuttle bus arranged by Nilsiä’s taxi company.

By bus: Due to its central location, Tahko can also easily be reached by bus. Only 12 km away, the Nilsiä bus station serves visitors to Tahko, from December to April, via the services of a free Ski Bus. In the winter and spring seasons, from February to May, Tahko is also directly accessible by OnniBus.

By car: If you are traveling with your own car or with a rental car, Tahko is accessible from any point in Finland. The Tahko resort is located 60 km from Kuopio, 205 km from Jyväskylä, 268 km from Oulu and 450 km from Helsinki.

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