What to do at tahko? - TAHKO activities

Located in the beautiful scenery of Nilsiä in Kuopio, Tahko is a versatile resort with activities for every day of the year. Whether you are looking for activities for bright summer nights or winter holidays, Tahko has plenty to offer for everyone.

Tahko winter activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. Tahko has as many as 24 pistes and 15 lifts, with options for both beginners and more experienced skiers. The longest run measures more than 1200 meters and the altitude difference is about 200 meters. Among Tahko’s 15 lifts there are two chairlifts seating four, at the resort’s front side pistes. For children, there is a high-quality ski school, a children’s piste and a safe carpet lift. Those looking for more speed can head to Tahko Park, with rails and jumps for more demanding tastes.

Skiing. The Tahko skiing tracks, which form an almost 80 km long network, are traditionally opened in November with the ski season continuing until April. The tracks run through a very tranquil forest and ridge landscape, but if desired one can also head towards the services of Tahko and Nilsiä. During the mid-winter period, Tahko provides opportunities to go skiing on the ice, as the ski tracks on Lake Syväri offer an additional 17 km of skiing. During a day of skiing, nothing beats taking a break at a trackside cafeteria.

Snowmobiling. Despite Tahko’s central location, in the heart of Savonia, the area still enjoys an almost wilderness-like atmosphere. The 600 km long snowmobile route network runs from Kuopio to Rautavaara, so there is little chance of getting bored. Tahko offers the opportunity to either participate in guided safaris organized by tourism companies, or if preferred, renting your own snowmobile.

Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing provides an opportunity to explore Tahko’s snowy landscapes on one’s own. Your first destination should be the Tahko peak, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. If you want to go for longer snowshoe walks, we recommend participating in guided snowshoe safaris, during which experienced guides show the groups spectacular views.

Winter fishing. For those looking for a peaceful winter activity, we recommend Tahko’s winter fishing opportunities. Friends of fishing can head to the waters of Tahko and Nilsiä or to a nearby wilderness pond, providing opportunities to catch rainbow trout. The Tahko area tourism companies rent fishing equipment and also provide the necessary fishing licenses.

Horseback riding. There is a wide range of opportunities for horse lovers. If you like, you can, for instance, try horse leading, participate in terrain horseback riding events or join a horseback riding camp. Located in the centre of Tahko, the Tahko Farm offers horseback riding safaris, ranging from short horse leadings to longer tours. The farm also offers mini safaris, which are great for younger children.

Tahko summer and autumn activities

Fishing. It is worth to go fishing when you are on holiday! Tahko provides fishing activities suitable for beginners, during which you can experience the waters of Lake Syväri in the company of an experienced guide. The six-hour fishing excursion is best suited for 4-5 persons at a time. Read more about the guided fishing trips here.

Camping and hiking. Tahko offers great opportunities both for short nature hikes and longer tours. Packing your hiking shoes for Tahko holidays is a must, as nature trails run both on the shores of Lake Syväri, the Tahkovuori fell and the Pisa Nature Conservation areas. Once these terrains have become familiar, you can head for a hike to the Huutavanholma Nature Conservation area.

Golf. In the area surrounding Tahko, you can play golf on as many as three golf courses, as in addition to the 18-hole Old Course and New Course, Tiiri Golf, in the centre of Nilsiä, also offers golfing opportunities. If the sport is new to you, Tahko provides the opportunity to receive golfing instructions by skilled instructors.

Biking. Biking assists in getting to know more about the beautiful nature of the Tahko area. At Tahko you can choose your route according to your own preferences, as you can either cycle through tranquil scenic routes or head for more demanding forest sections. If biking is your thing, Tahko will also provide the opportunity to participate in the annually organized Tahko MTB mountain bike event.

Disc golf. The DiscGolfPark in the centre of Tahko is a recommended destination for all Disc golf enthusiasts. The year-round open course can be accessed without the need of advance booking. The 9-hole Disc golf course in the park is also suitable for beginners. Discs can, for instance, be purchased from the Tahko SpaShop or Skimac.

Jetski. If you are into speedy water activities, you should enjoy the lakeshore landscape on a jetski. More experienced cruisers can rent a jet for three hours or even for a full day. In addition, Tahko organizes safaris during which it is possible to drive through three channels all the way to Kuopio.

Scenic lift. The Tahko area landscape can conveniently be enjoyed from a lift even in the summertime. From the end of June to the beginning of August, a revolving lift takes you to experience beautiful fell scenery. The starting point for the scenic lift lies at the foot of the Tahko Panorama piste.

Tahko year-round activities

As an alternative to the sporting activities, Tahko offers an opportunity to pamper oneself at the Spa Hotel’s spa. In addition to whirlpools and therapies, the spa offers a fitness pool for more targeted training. Under the same roof you will also find a bowling alley, a gym and an indoor sports arena. Tahko’s versatile indoor sports facilities include tennis, badminton, floorball, futsal and aerobics.

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