The Vuokatti ski resort in Sotkamo, in the middle of beautiful Kainuu, offers the traveler a great deal more to enjoy than merely great pistes. Due to its rolling hills and beautiful nature, Vuokatti offers excellent conditions for skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities. Not even the summer season limits winter activities, as the Vuokatti skiing and snowboarding tunnels allow access to snow all year round!

Slopes at Vuokatti Ski Resort

Vuokatti is a versatile ski resort, with plenty of suitable pistes for both beginners as well as experienced skiers. The difficulty levels of the pistes vary from easy children’s ones to steep black ski ones as well as challenging trickery areas. The Superpipe, measuring up to World Cup standards, the piststyle piste and the ministreet are special favorites of the snowboarders.

Altogether Vuokatti has 8 lifts and 13 pistes, with a maximum altitude difference of 174 meters. Vuokatti also offers an opportunity to ride in the only snowboard tunnel in Finland - whatever the season!

The two rental locations in the Vuokatti area can be found at the feet of the northern and western pistes. Beginners and skiers who wish to develop have the opportunity to do so at the Vuokatti Ski School, awarded the title Ski school of the Year. You can conveniently enjoy a relaxing break from skiing in any of the many restaurants of the Vuokatti piste area.

Vuokatti Skiing Track and Slope Maps

Skiing tracks, snowmobile routes and hiking trails can all be found in the Vuokatti outdoor activities map.

The Vuokatti slope map gives information about the slopes and the services in Vuokatti.

Restaurants at Vuokatti

Vuokatti has restaurants for all tastes. During your holiday stay you can enjoy after ski on the terrace of the À la Katti piste restaurant, located in the northern piste area. For a delicious pizza, head to the Classic Pizza, which has been chosen the best pizza place in Finland by in a readers poll of the Gloria lifestyle magazine. At O’Learys you can enjoy American-style delicacies while watching sports events. When selecting a dinner restaurant, you should check out the menus of Amarillo, Kainuuravintola Kippo or the O’Las restaurant, seating 250.

Events in Vuokatti

In addition to sports activities, Vuokatti also organizes plenty of other events throughout the year. There are, for instance, major music events at the Katinkulta Arena, where you can enjoy gigs of leading Finnish artists. The hiking, skiing and other sporting events in Vuokatti provide challenges for the whole body amidst the beautiful nature of Kainuu.

During autumn and early winter, a trip to Vuokatti should be scheduled for the first snow opening ceremony or the opening of the Vuokatti pistes. In early summer and spring, there are plenty of downhill events, with the main purpose of having fun in good company. During the summer season, Vuokatti welcomes you to take part in the Vuokatti Midsummer festivities, Teemu Selänne’s ice hockey camp or the Vuokatti Aateli Race terrain run and roller skiing events.

Weather and Climate in Vuokatti

In Vuokatti the four seasons are clearly distinguished. Winter is cool enough, as in January-February, the average temperature drops more than 10 degrees. The thermal spring usually starts in April, when the average temperature remains on the plus-side. During the summer, Vuokatti also enjoys warmer days, for example, in July, temperatures of up to 20 degrees are normal. The first snow will typically fall in October-November, with average temperatures dropping back to the cooler side.

Monthly average temperatures in Vuokatti (source: National Climatic Data Center):

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Avg. temp. (c) -11,4 -11,0 -6,2 0,2 7,3 13,2 15,7 13,3 7,8 2,1 -3,8 -8,7

How to get to Vuokatti?

By plane: Vuokatti’s nearest airport is only 40 km away, in Kajaani. Most flights provide a direct onward connection to the Vuokatti resort, so arriving by air is definitely the fastest alternative if visiting from afar. The flight from Helsinki to Kajaani takes only an hour and 20 minutes. Finnair operates between Helsinki and Kajaani up to four times a day.

By train: Vuokatti is easily reached also by train. The Kajaani train station, 33 km away, can be reached by train from across Finland and the journey from the train station can be continued by the bus to either Sotkamo or Vuokatti. There are several daily train connections to Kajaani, most of which offer a convenient bus connection to Vuokatti.

By bus: Vuokatti is also conveniently reachable by local and long distance buses - even from the metropolitan area! Buses run between Kajaani and Sotkamo every hour, so it is easy to navigate between the resorts. When planning a trip, it is advisable to check the bus timetables and routes directly on the Matkahuolto, the intercity coach service, website. After arriving in Vuokatti, one can move around the resort with the free Vuokatti bus, which serves visitors throughout the winter season.

By car: When traveling by own car or by rental car, distances to Vuokatti are as follows: 111 km from Iisalmi, 189 km from Oulu, 190 km from Kuopio and 280 km from Kokkola. When traveling by car, it is easy to visit Vuokatti and other Kainuu attractions, such as Kajaani, 33 km away and Kuhmo, 70 km away.

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