What to do in VUOKATTI? - VUOKATTI activities

Vuokatti winter activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. At Vuokatti ski resort, there is plenty of choice for downhill skiing and snowboarding, as the range of 13 skiing pistes vary from easy childrens pistes to the Olympic-level SuperPipe, the fast-paced Pistestyle piste and the FIS-qualified Olympiakatti. For beginner’s convenience, Vuokatti offers a very high quality skiing school, where you can learn all about the sport.

Skiing. The 150 km long skiing track network of Vuokatti offers the skier a chance to explore Kainuu’s great forest and wildlife. The Vuokatti ski season starts very early, as the first snow track is opened, according to tradition, every October 10th at 10 am. A 120 km long section of the cross-country skiing track can be skied in both traditional and free styles and the resort also has a 32 km long illuminated track.

Snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is also a great way to explore the nature of the Kainuu region, since 250 km of snowmobile trails run in the Vuokatti area alone. If you don’t have your own snowmobile, you can rent one from the rental companies in the region, together with receiving the necessary equipment and instructions. In addition, there are snowmobile safaris that take participants to see the best scenic spots.

Snowshoeing. For snowshoeing in Vuokatti one should head to the Eino Leino trail or Sapporo trail, both of which lead across the peak of the Vuokatinvaara fell. The trails start on the road leading to the top of the fell, but one can start already at a lower level, in the yard of Kattikeskus. The advantage of snowshoeing is that one does not necessarily have to travel along planned trails, but choose a completely independent route. Snowshoes can be rented at, for example, GoVuokatti, Vuokatinrinne or Vuokatti Safari centres.

Husky safaris. There are also husky safaris in Vuokatti, allowing you to experience the region’s scenery in an environmentally friendly way. Dog sledding is suitable for all ages and the safari can consist of enjoy the ride or alternatively driving oneself. In the snow-richest season, there are, in addition to short husky safaris also excursions lasting several hours, during which one can also hunt for Nordic Lights.

Tour skating. A 1,3 km long skating track is every winter set up on the Vuokatti Jäätiönlahti bay, with starting points in Katinkulta and Vuokatinmaa. The free skating track is traditionally opened during the sports holidays, weather permitting.

Vuokatti summer activities

Camping and hiking. There are numerous nature trails running across the Vuokatti hills, from which one can admire the lake landscapes surrounded by the fells. Especially the trails along the Vuokatinvaara are ideal for the entire family. For a longer hike you should head towards the Vuokatti Vaellus trail, which is part of the famous UKK route.

Golf. In Vuokatti there is also a chance for golfing from the months of April-May to October. There are plenty of options among the courses, as you can either play the 9-hole Vuokatti course, the 9-hole Tenetti club course or alternatively the full-length Nuas course. There is also a training area in Vuokatti, where you can develop playing skills on the putting green, the range or in a bunker.

Disc golf. The DiscGolfPark, located in Vuokatti, offers the opportunity to play Disc golf on a free 9-hole course. The course situated on the pistes of Vuokatti Sports Institute is designed by Jussi Meresmaa, a Finnish Disc golf champion. Alternatively, you can choose the Katinkulta 9-hole park course.

Water activities. The Vuokatti water sports centre offers exciting summer activities for the holidaymakers who are looking for fast-paced activities. Here you can explore the world’s largest skateboarding sauna raft, attempt wakeboarding on a fast track, try water skiing, or enjoy the scenery while stand-up paddle boarding.

Paintball. Paintball players can either participate in gaming events organized by GoVuokatti or rent tools and head for one of the fields designed by GoVuokatti. It is possible to play with rental equipment also at a location of the players own choice, as long as they have the landowner’s permit to do so.

Mountain biking. Vuokatti’s fells are an excellent destination for mountain biking, as biking routes are a challenge even for more experienced riders. Those interested in downhill biking should head to the western side of Vuokatti, where there are several downhill routes. In addition to the available downhill routes, mountain biking can also be practiced on the groomed ski tracks in the terrain.

Vuokatti year-round activities

Skiing. The Vuokatti ski tunnel provides the opportunity to ski throughout the year in ideal conditions. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, skiing at 2 to 7 degrees provides pleasurable skiing even during summer holidays. The world’s first cross-country ski tunnel, measuring 1,2 km, can easily be circled in both directions. The tunnel is also perfect for beginners.

Snowboarding. In addition to the famous ski tunnel, Vuokatti provides another specialty in the form of a snowboarding tunnel, for year-round use. The 80-meter-long and 20-meter-wide halfpipe is suitable for active riders as well as all types of riders, regardless of their previous experience.

Skating. Vuokatti provides the opportunity, in addition to the outdoor skating track which opens in early spring, to skate all year round at the Vuokatti ice rink, open also during the summer time. The ice rink can be reserved for exclusive use, or alternatively one can use it during public opening hours.

Spa. The famous Katinkulta spa serves visitors to the Vuokatti region every day of the year. With over 20 pools, numerous whirlpools, massaging showers and water slides it guarantees enjoyment for the entire family. At the Spa’s wellness area you can enjoy a relaxing massage and in the renewed Katinkulta Saunamaailma sauna world you can enjoy steam in comfortable saunas.

Angry Birds Activity Park. The Angry Birds Activity Park is a versatile adventure park with games, climbing trails and slides for a variety of tastes. In connection to the Activity Park, you will also find the Vuokatti Freestyle Hall -centre, where you can skate, scoot and try BMX biking.

Bowling. There are as many as two excellent bowling alleys in Vuokatti, letting you work on mastering your techniques at either Vuokatti Bowling (16 lanes) or at Katinkulta (8 lanes). Bowling at Vuokatti’s superb location offers great variation to any holiday and is also a suitable activity for larger parties.

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