What to do in ylläs? - Ylläs activities

Ylläksen hiihtokeskus

Ylläs Winter Activities

Downhill skiing and snowboarding. The Ylläs skiing pistes have been named the best in Finland on many occasions - and rightly so! There are as many as 63 pistes in the area and more piste kilometers than anywhere else in Finland. The versatility of the pistes is guaranteed by the vast choice of pistes at Ylläs, regardless of one’s previous experience, and there is definitely enough to last a week. More information about Ylläs skiing pistes can be found here.

Skiing. In addition to downhill skiing, Ylläs is also an excellent destination for cross-country skiers, as the 330 km long track network is the most extensive in Finland. Whether you want to enjoy the spring sunshine, ski accompanied by your dog or try your skills on the more demanding tracks, Ylläs lets you choose your route according to your own preferences. During the skiing trip, it is nice to pop in to a cozy café and enjoy the refreshing outdoor air sipping a hot beverage.

Snowmobile safaris. There are over 400 km of snowmobile routes in the Ylläs area, of which 300 km are being maintained. If you have not tried snowmobiling before, guided tours from Ylläs let you enjoy the landscape of Lapland through the fast-paced activity in a completely safe manner. If the activity is already familiar to you, Ylläs rents snowmobiles either for a short period of time or even for several days!

Snowshoeing. During snowshoeing, you can explore the nature of the Ylläs region on your own or alternatively along marked snowshoeing trails. Snowshoes and other equipment can be hired from the Ylläs rental locations. If you want, you can also take part in a guided snowshoeing excursion that includes fascinating stories about the nature and culture of the Ylläs region.

Dog sledding safaris. Whilst in Lapland you should also pay a visit to the dogs of the local husky farm. In addition to visiting the farm, Ylläs offers the opportunity to participate in dog sledding trips or to try sledding by commanding the dogs oneself. The guided dog sledding safaris range from short ones of a few kilometers to safaris lasting several days.

Reindeer farm visits and reindeer safaris. The reindeer have been an integral part of life in Lapland for centuries, so while in Lapland there is a good reason for visiting the authentic northern animals at local reindeer farms. The local entrepreneurs of Ylläs offer visitors reindeer safaris which are perfect family activities.

Saunas and ice baths. In Ylläs, there are plenty of options for enjoying saunas, because in addition to the saunas of the traditional cottages, Ylläs provides sauna experiences on the top of a fell, in a smoke sauna at the Ylläsjärvi lake shore, in a rare sauna gondola or alternatively in the steam room at the spa. The bravest sauna-goers will also have the opportunity to take ice baths, as this can conveniently be arranged at locations in Äkäslompolo, Ylläsjärvi and Luosjärvi.

Ylläs Summer Activities

Camping and hiking. Ylläs is the ideal destination for campers and hikers as the location of the resort in the immediate vicinity of the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park guarantees excellent conditions for all sorts of nature activities. According to your preference, you can hike either on a short nature trail or take a long hike in the beautiful scenery of the national park. The Pallas-Yllästunturi Kellokas Visitors Centre, located at Äkäslompolo, advises visitors on all nature-related topics.

Mountain biking. Ylläs has a number of different mountain bike trails for exploring the nearby nature and the most spectacular attractions of the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. Ylläs-based rental companies provide a choice of either mountain bikes or fatbikes suitable for difficult terrain. If you want, you can also take part in a guided mountain bike tour, where you will learn a lot about the Ylläs area nature.

Fishing and hunting. There is a vast number of lakes, ponds, streams and rivers in the Ylläs area, where you can go fishing. Almost all of Ylläs waters have plenty of fish, but considered particularly good fishing spots are the Äkäsjoki river, which originates in the Äkäsjärvi lake, and the Kesänkijärvi lake, known for its spectacular scenery. In addition to fishing, Ylläs is also a good setting for hunting small game, as wilderness extending around the fells is ideally suited for hunting trips.

Canoeing and whitewater rafting. Equipment rental companies operating in the Ylläs region can rent equipment for exciting water activities. Whether you want to try paddling with a canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board, the lakes and rivers of the Ylläs region are excellent destinations for independent water sports. More adventurous visitors may also want to try rafting on the famous Tornio-Muonio river!

Disc golf. The Ylläsjärvi side of the fell area has an 18-hole Disc golf course, where you can compete on a 2.5 km long course. Discs can be rented from the area’s tourism businesses.

Ylläs Year-round Activities

Go to the movies. The Pallas-Yllästunturi Visitors Centre Kellokas is connected with the cinema, Kino Kellokas, where you can watch movies all year round. The movies range from children’s films to the latest top movies. While waiting for the movie to start, you can visit the exhibitions on display in the Visitors Centre.

Relax in the spa. In addition to the main pool, the hotel Saaga also features atmospheric whirlpools, a paddling pool and several saunas perfect for relaxation after a busy day. The beautifully illuminated spa serves visitors within the hotel’s opening hours.

Bowling. In the midst of the fells of Ylläs, you can also do some bowling! The bowling alley next to the gondola lift provides entertainment for family, friends and groups of colleagues alike. The bowling alley is available via advance booking.

Work out at the gym. During your holiday, Ylläs also provides an opportunity for working out at the gym. The fitness centres operated by Lapland hotel Saaga and Äkäshotelli serve visitors both in summer and winter. At the end of a workout, it’s great to relax in the sauna or head towards one of the spa’s whirlpools.