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Sodankylä is located in the middle of Lapland, and it delights travelers with gorgeous hill and fjell scenery and pine forests. During the winter, Sodankylä's environment is under heavy snow and it allows many different winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing and skiing. Program service companies are happy to arrange different activities for Lapland visitors. Unique experiences with reindeer and husky dogs in nature are provided by the tour operators and wilderness guides. Numerous bare-topped fjells and hills give the traveler unforgettable sceneries in winter and summer. During the summer Sodankylä offers hikers and cottage leaseers countless lakes and rivers where you can fish and swim. The most famous events in the municipality of Sodankylä include the Midnight Sun Film Festival and the Luosto Classic music event.

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Sodankylä's very own film festival has been organized since 1986. Every year, film festival invites the top movie directors and young professionals that show their own creations to the general public. The number of visitors in the Midnight Film Festival is about 28-30,000 annually. The summer festival is enchanting by the midnight sun and the summer atmosphere. It is easy to reach the Midnight Sun Film Festival by traveling from Southern Finland and elsewhere in Finland by train, bus or even by plane to Ivalo or Kittilä and then by bus to Sodankylä.

Luosto Classic

The Luosto Classic is a classical music event that is held in feet of the Luosto fjells. For the first time Luosto Classic was organized in 2003, when Kalevi Aho's Luostosinfonia was played. The event is usually held in August, when Lappish summer is at its best.

Pyhä-Luosto and Nattanen

In addition to the events in Sodankylä municipality, there are also wonderful hiking scenery and routes. Pyhä-Luosto hiking trails offer beginner hikers a good workout but also experienced hikers can admire the scenery of Pyhä-Luosto on the routes. There are more than 100 km of marked trails in the National Park. Gorgeous fjells, old forests and deep valleys between the fjells will enchant everyone hiking in the area.

Various routes in the national parks are a good starting point for hiking and exploring Lappish nature. Sodankylä's numerous lakes and natural rivers offer great opportunities for fishing. You can buy fishing permits for fishing on lakes and clear-watered ponds for grayling and trout.

Accommodation in Sodankylä

The municipality of Sodankylä offers tourists and hikers great possibilities for tourism and accommodation. Thanks to its central location, it is easy to visit other places in Lapland from Sodankylä. Accommodation in the cottage allows for a relaxing holiday in the beautiful landscapes of the fjells. Discover and book the most suitable cottage for yourself!

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