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South Coast
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South Coast - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

The south coast of Finland is an idyllically beautiful setting of coast and countryside. Lohja, Inkoo, Siuntio, Raasepori and Hanko form a whole in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

The old wooden houses and ironworks exude history and culture, but the people look emphatically to the future and develop their environment by continuously looking for new ways to regenerate the area that they live in.

The towns of the south coast exude natural well-being with their unhurried, positive attitude to life. In fact, well-being is one core theme that can be seen in the area through exercise and gastronomy.

Nature is present in the area throughout the year and the abundant archipelago, with its numerous waterways, is gorgeous to see in the winter as well.

The towns of the south coast, rich in events and with their own distinctive characters, invite you to experience a vibrant summer and an atmospheric winter.

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