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Suomussalmi – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

If you’re travelling to Suomussalmi, cosy cottages, simple wilderness cabins, luxurious villas and other types of vacation rentals are waiting for you on Gofinland. Whether you’re only driving pass with a stopover or staying for a full week in Suomussalmi, a rental cottage is a perfect base for your adventures.

Suomussalmi hides between the towns of Kajaani and Kuusamo, very close to the Eastern border of Finland. Suomussalmi is a perfect destination especially if you value peace and unique natural attractions, enjoy spotting wild animals or are interested in war history. In Suomussalmi, you can reach all this from the porch of your rental cottage.

Natural attractions and activities in Suomussalmi

The most famous natural attraction in Suomussalmi is Hossa National Park that was named as Finland’s 40th national park to honour Finland’s centenary in 2017. In Hossa National Park you can admire the ancient rock paintings while paddling through a deep canyon lake, climb to the top of cliffs for stunning views over Suomussalmi and enjoy the vast network of hiking trails of which some are accessible by wheelchair.

Suomussalmi is a tempting destination for nature photographers. In Suomussalmi, you can meet all the rare and large wild animals of Finnish forests; spend a night in a bear-watching cabin and photograph the playful bear cubs. While hiking in the woods of Suomussalmi, you might spot a moose, wolverine, eagle or the rare black kite. Thanks to the diverse nature, Suomussalmi offers a large variety of activities from hiking to mountain biking, fishing, paddling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Besides natural attractions that can be easily reached from your rental cottage, Suomussalmi hides unique cultural attractions. Visit ‘the Silent People’, a group of almost a thousand figures standing in the middle of a field wearing clothes. In Kaunisniemi forested hill, you can find giant instruments in the middle of the woods. In summer, you can take a cruise to Turjanlinna, the atelier of the legendary Finnish author Ilmari Kianto.

Follow the signs of war history in Suomussalmi

The most significant battles of the Winter War took place in Raatteentie Road in Suomussalmi. Today, you can visit the Winter War Museum Raatteen Portti to learn more about the events and battles of the Winter War. The most impressive memorial is located right next to the road; a stone field consisting of 20,000 rocks that remind us of the lost men.

At the eastern end of the Raatteentie Road, you can find the Frontier Guard Museum that describes the life of a frontier guard before the Second World War. During your cottage holiday in Suomussalmi, you can discover several war monuments and statues around the municipality.

Find your accommodation in Suomussalmi

When you’re looking for a rental cottage or other accommodation in Suomussalmi, the best place to start is the extensive cabin selection of Gofinland. Whether you want to stay near Hossa National park or close to the services of Suomussalmi, on Gofinland, you’ll find the perfect vacation rental for your stay. Let the natural wonders and war monuments of Suomussalmi region open up from the porch of your cabin.

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