Teijo National Park

Teijo National Park
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Teijo National Park - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Living ironworks heritage in beautiful natural settings

Teijo´s attractions include peaceful lakes and forests, as well as historic ironworks villages where traditional crafts still thrive. From these picturesque settlements you can head straight out to explore the lakes, seashores, marshes and forests of the national park –and go hiking, canoeing orfishing. You can get a good taste of Teijo on a day trip, but it’s also well worth staying over – out in the wilds under a starry sky, or in cosy lodgings in a charming village. Teijo is easily accessible for day trips or romantic weekends out of the city from Helsinki or Turku in just under two hours.

Teijo national park invites you to get acquainted with the versatile nature of Finland: herb-rich forests, rocks, spring fens and lakes. History of the iron works can be seen on lakes.

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