The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail
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Archipelago Trail, Turku – Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Have you heard of the Archipelago Trail (also known as Archipelago Ring Road), one of the most beautiful travel and cycling routes in Finland? Located in Turku Archipelago, the 250-km-long Archipelago Trail hides some of the most stunning landscapes and experiences for your cottage holiday in Finland.

You can explore the Archipelago Trail or its ‘little sister’, the 120-km-long Little Archipelago Trail, either by bicycle, car or motorbike. Rent a cabin for each night you spend on the Archipelago Trail and explore one of the world’s most fascinating archipelagos with time.

Island Hopping in Finland – by Free Ferries

Island hopping by ferries makes cycling or driving on the Archipelago Trail genuinely unique experience in Finland. Along the trails, you’ll cross several bridges and travel by numerous ferries of which most are free of charge. At the moment most ferries only run in summer, which means the Archipelago Trail is fully open from the end of May until the end of August. Pay attention to the ferry schedules before your trip to make your adventure run smoothly.

Finding vacation rentals nearby the ferry stations allows you to continue your seaside escapade in Finland directly after breakfast.

Sightseeing along the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail circles from Turku to Parainen, Nauvo (Nagu), Korppoo, Houtskari, Iniö, Kustavi, Taivassalo and Naantali before returning to Turku. Along the trail, you’ll find many exciting attractions worth visiting. Explore the cosy seaside villages and their marinas, enjoy culture by visiting art exhibitions and churches, and climb up to the numerous viewing spots for full archipelago experience and panoramic landscapes.

Some of the sights along the Archipelago Trail are genuinely out of the ordinary. Discover the dark secrets of Seili Island in Parainen. Other unique places to visit on the Archipelago Trail are one-of-its-kind chalk quarry in Parainen, the mysterious stone labyrinth in Finby, Nagu, and Louhisaari Mansion, the birth-home of the former Finnish president Marshal Mannerheim. Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful lighthouses of which the most famous ones are Utö and Bengtskär lighthouses.

Tasting and Staying at the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is full of flavours. Forget the international fast food chains; in Turku Archipelago, it’s all about fish, seafood, locally produced meat and vegetables and home-baked bread, not to forget hand-picked mushrooms and berries. Try at least the delicious pike burger in Köpmans, Nagu, the mouth-watering shrimp sandwich in Grill Cafe Skagen, Houtskari, and the famous Archipelago Buffet in Vuosnaisten Meriasema, Kustavi.

Get your ingredients directly from local producers and farms and have a delicious BBQ on the terrace of your rental cottage after an exciting day on the Archipelago Trail. Find your preferred cabin on Gofinland and enjoy the full archipelago experience with real Finnish sauna.

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