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Tykkimäki - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Gofinland helps you to find the best cottages and the most comfortable accommodation near Tykkimäki Amusement Park. A cozy rental cottage near Tykkimäki guarantees the conditions for an unforgettable holiday, during which you can enjoy not only cultural experiences but also the beautiful nature of the area.

Located in Kouvola, about 5 km from the city center, Tykkimäki Amusement Park is a family holiday resort that offers a variety of attractions for people in all ages. Tykkimäki, the third most popular amusement park in Finland, is famous for its water slides, the fast-paced Enterprise and the Kouvola ferris wheel. In addition to the amusement rides, Tykkimäki offers you the chance to visit an animal farm, a children’s traffic park and the Atreenalin Adventure Park.

There are plenty of comfortable rental cottages available in Kouvola area. A cabin in a beautiful setting allows you to explore both Tykkimäki Amusement Park as well as the other attractions in the area. Check out the large range of rental cabins and find your own favourite now!

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