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Utsjoki is the northernmost municipality of Lapland and is located near the Norwegian border. The municipality of Utsjoki has also the best salmon river in Europe, the Tenojoki. The Tenojoki river is well-known in Europe and around the world as a good salmon spot, which also has big graylings. In the northernmost part of Finland, it is only 0.24 inhabitants per km2, making it the third least populated municipality in Finland. Although there are not many people in Utsjoki, the municipality is active and there is plenty to do for travelers. In winter, the Utsjoki terrains offer tourists the arctic conditions for skiing and snowmobiling.

Tenojoki and fishing in Utsjoki

Tenojoki is a renowned fishing spot for Finns, and every year many fishermen come to try their luck in salmon fishing. Local people are happy to guide visitors in fishing. Tenojoki's surroundings are surrounded by ridges and the fjells and the sprawling river makes the trip memorable for first-time visitors. Tenojoki is the most meaningful natural salmon river in the North Atlantic. Fishing licenses can be purchased from local operators and are limited to preserve the salmons healthy numbers. Fishing can be done by fishing from the beaches or by the boat. Rowing in Tenojoki and fishing in the same time has its own challenges!

Kaldoaivi Wilderness and Nuorgam-Sevettijärvi Routes

The Kaldoaivi wilderness is Finland's largest wilderness area and covers over half of Utsjoki municipality. There may still be small pine forests at the southern end of the area, but the area will quickly change to tundra. Small birches and meadows cover the open terrain, but a few higher points can be found in the Kaldoaivi wilderness. The scenery of the wilderness area is not flat, and contains great altitude differences. The landscapes range from the fjells to the bushes and gorges and to cold ravines. The highest point in the wilderness is 443 meters high Guorboaivi fjell. There are countless lakes, rivers and small ponds in the Kaldoaivi where you can try your luck at fishing. In the wilderness there are plenty of swamps with frozen peat pockets that do not melt even in the summer. There are no roads in the wilderness area of the Kaldoaivi, but there are plenty of local trails that you can use for trekking.

The Nuorgam-Sevettijärvi route is one of the most popular routes in Northern Finland. The route runs through the Kaldoaivi wilderness, and the length of the trails are around 60-70 km, but the official ski trails in the area is 60 km long. The nature of the area is mainly rugged mountainous area, but the southernmost parts of Kaldoaivi are covered with pine tree forests. There are numerous wilderness huts along the route, and the distance between huts is 10 km. It is worth taking into account the seasonal time of the trip, as in the spring and autumn the Kaldoaivi weather can vary wildly over the course of the day. So be sure to get dressed properly by wearing sturdy shoes and warm clothes!

Utsjoki and Norway

In Utsjoki, you can come across real Lapland life and explore the Sámi's everyday life. Valuable places to visit are the village house Giisa and the Utsjoki huts for the Sámi culture. The village of Utsjoki has several shops and operators from which you can rent skis or snowmobiles for the winter time.

From Utsjoki it is easy to go to Norway, which is to the north of the Tenojoki. Thanks to good connections, fishermen can also go to Norway to fish by crossing the Saami Bridge. Naturally, there is a need for country permits and other possible regulations. From the Norwegian side it is easy to travel to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Utsjoki and accommodation

There are many opportunities for accommodation in Utsjoki on Gofinland's website. You can look for a suitable rental cottage for our service, and go there during summer and go fishing in Tenojoki and Norway. Thanks to its location in the north, Utsjoki offers tourists a unique opportunity to explore the only Sámi-majority municipality in Finland. Explore the cottages of Gofinland!

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