The Velhovesi Ring Road


The Velhovesi Ring Road


The Velhovesi Ring Road is a new magnificent route to the northern archipelago in Uusikaupunki, around the Sweetwater Basin, without a boat or worries about ferry timetables. This is guaranteed by the road built with its small bridges between the islands. The main route is approximately 50 kilometres long. The side routes of the Ring Road lead to the turning points of Lepäistentie and Lyökintie, the Pyhämaa parish village, Pitkäluoto and the Männäinen ironworks area. On this route, you can cycle from one island to another – for example on an electric bicycle that you can rent from the Uusikaupunki tourism office or the Santtioranta camp site.  You can find accommodation in island villages, have a swim in sweet or salty water or take a rest in beautiful landscapes or at a village shop. Café and restaurant services are also available along the route. The map brochure and the route's web site will give you information on the numbered landscape and rest sites, story sites and other interesting destinations and services. In Pyhämaa you can also rent a canoe. There are canoeing routes both in the sheltered Sweetwater Basin and the magnificently beautiful Sea of Bothnia.
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