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Vaasa - Accommodation and cottages

Gofinland helps you to find the best accommodation and the most comfortable rental cabins in Vaasa. Accommodation in Vaasa guarantees opportunities for a varied holiday, during which you can enjoy the beautiful nature as well as the numerous services of the center of Vaasa.

Vaasa is said to be the sunniest city in Finland, because the west coast of Finland has more sunny days than other parts of the country. The amount of sunlight combined with the long coastline creates the ideal conditions for a cottage holiday in Vaasa.

Accommodation near the center of Vaasa

Vaasa is a vibrant town with more than 65,000 inhabitants and 12,000 students. Everyone interested in history will be delighted by the many museums in Vaasa - the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, the Ostrobothnian Museum and the Stundars Museum. The cultural tour can be continued in art galleries of Vaasa, including the Vaasa Art Hall, Tikanoja Art Center and the Black Wall Gallery.

Vaasa is also a shopper's paradise, as there are shopping opportunities for every taste. Discover the stalls of Vaasa Market Square, visit the idyllic boutiques of the city center and enjoy the opportunities offered by the shopping malls. At the Vaasa Market Hall, you can buy traditional products directly from the producers.

Explore the Vaasa archipelago

Vaasa is a great destination for all nature lovers, as the marine nature is here in a very close proximity. The Kvarken Archipelago, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only natural heritage site of Finland in the UNESCO list. The archipelago, known for its beautiful landscapes and green forests, can be reached by the longest bridge in Finland, the Raippaluoto Bridge. Located just 15 minutes from the center of Vaasa, the 1045 meter long bridge is an attraction in itself!

If you are planning to spend a holiday in Vaasa, you can also visit Meteoria Söderfjärden, which is a welcoming visit center in the middle of a stunning meteorite crater. The exhibition offers visitors a chance to discover Söderfjärden's 520 million years old history.

Book a cottage at the seaside

Located only 2 km from the center of Vaasa, on the spectacular island of Vaskiluoto, Top Camping Vaasa is a lively campsite offering plenty of cottages for holidaymakers. The campsite is located right next to the waterpark Tropiclandia, so renting a cottage from the area offers opportunities for an enjoyable family holiday close to the main attractions of Vaasa. There are also Botnia Minigolf and Vaskiluoto beach in the same area, so Vaskiluoto is a great place even for have a longer stay.

Discover Gofinland's rental cottages and book the most suitable accommodation in Vaasa!

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