Salaperäinen Salmijärvi - melontaretki Pehtoorin kanssa


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Basic information

further information: Salmijärvi Manor and the labour manager (Pehtoori) of the manor will guide you to the secrets of Salmijärvi lake during a canoeing tour on the lake.
Suitability: suits well for people seeking silent canoeing with a guide
Difficulty: Easy
Qualifications: Ketunretket Oy guides are professional travel guides and qualified to provide high quality guide services in the wilderness and cities.
Insurances: Ketunretket Oy does not provide insurance services to customers. Please check your own free-time insurance coverage on canoeing activities.
Address: Salmentie 100b, 03300, Otalampi
Languages: English Finnish

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04420 Järvenpää
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