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Visulahti - Rental cottages and holiday homes

Located in Mikkeli, only about 5 km from the city center, Visulahti is a family-friendly activity center that offers a variety of thrilling experiences for the whole family. There are no traditional amusement parks devices in the activity center as Visulahti aims to bring a lot of experiences to the whole family in the form of various activities. In Visulahti you will find adventures, water slides and bouncy castles.

Numerous rental cottages and accommodation options suit the whole family. There is also a lot to see in Visulahti's surroundings. The vibrant city of Mikkeli is especially popular with summer travelers, thanks to their abundant activity. In the Kenkävero vicarage near Mikkeli you can enjoy a fine dinner at the end of the day. During your stay in Visulahti, you can conveniently stay in the Mikkeli area rental cottages and holiday homes.

Visulahti amusement park

The charm of Visulahti is the versatility of the activity center, because in the park, there is enough activities for both, children and adults. Swimming pools, water slides and carousels in the Dinosauria Water Park offers experiences for the whole family. The 13-meter slide is the highlight of the Dinosauria. In Dinosauria it is also possible to run into dinosaurs wandering in the area, the most famous of which is the Halisaurus who greet visitors of Visulahti kindly.

Space-themed Hyperdino gives children and adults the opportunity to play in the indoor park, which offers a great framework for action. In Hyperdino, children can experiment with their climbing skills and coordination skills on climbing trails and bouncy trails. In addition to the activities, Hyperdino has a separate skill game area, for example, floorball and ball games.

In the Wax Cabinet, it is possible to get acquainted with true-looking public figures, including presidents, athletes and Santa Claus himself. In the adult Xon Park, you can try extreme activities from water skiing to bungee jumping. Paintball fields offer great opportunities to try out a paint-ball war with a group of friends.

Jurassic Rock Festival

Visulahti also hosts the Jurassic Rock festival, gathering Finnish and international rock artists every year. Jurassic Rock was first held in 2007 and has been an annual tradition in Mikkeli ever since.

Accommodation in Visulahti

In the surroundings of Visulahti there are plenty of accommodation for summer vacationers. There are camping sites, caravan areas and camping sites in the area. If you want your own peace and want to spend your holiday with your family or friends, then the rental cottage is the most sensible solution. Visulahti is just 5 mins drive away the center of Mikkeli, so you can also stay close to downtown.

The best way to enjoy your holiday in Visulahti is to stay in a cozy rental cottage or in a holiday apartment near a resort. On Gofinland's page, you will find the best options for accommodation from unspoilt wilderness cottages to luxury cottages.

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