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Visulahti - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

Located in Mikkeli, only about 5 km from the city center, Visulahti is a family-oriented adventure park that offers a variety of attractions for a holiday in Central Finland. During your holiday in Visulahti, we recommend you to stay in a rental cottage or a holiday home located close to the Visulahti park.

Visulahti is a great resort for both children and adults alike. The swimming pools, water slides and carousels in the Dinosaur Water Park offer experiences for people in all ages. In the wax cabinet, it is possible to meet celebrities, including presidents, athletes and Santa Claus himself. In the Xon Park, you can try extreme activities from water skiing to bungee jumps.

The best way to enjoy your holiday in Visulahti is to stay in a cozy rental cottage or in a holiday home near the resort. On Gofinland's page, you will find the best options for accommodation from wooden cabins to luxurious villas. Welcome to book your accommodation near the Visulahti adventure park!

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