Wilderness Cabins in Finland

There are several natural wilderness areas in Finland where it is possible to experience true solitude. Even though there are no actual services in these areas, they still offer much to do with a wide range of activities. In the wilderness, you can be part of the nature, but if you prefer, you can always enjoy the convenience of staying in one of the nearby cottages.

Wilderness areas in Finland can best be explored by hiking. There are plenty of marked hiking trails in most wilderness areas, and they also offer great opportunities for independent hiking. If you want to experience some change to traditional hiking, many routes can also be traveled on a mountain bike. When winter comes, you are recommended to enjoy the wilderness scenery especially by skiing and snowshoeing.

Natural wilderness areas also attract many friends of hunting. If hunting is permitted at the selected destination, you can obtain a hunting permit from the nearby nature centres or via the Metsähallitus, the Finnish Forest and Park Service, website.

In addition to hunting, the wilderness areas are also great places for fishing. Except for separately marked fishing-restricting areas, small-scale angling and ice fishing is permitted without restrictions. You can buy licenses for all types of fishing from the nearest nature centre.

Walking in the wilderness promotes well-being

In the wilderness, the daily stress is quickly forgotten, which is why they are ideal places for experiencing silence and tranquility. Something as simple as admiring the wildlife, bird watching or swimming in refreshing waters are experiences which remain in ones memory for a long time. The wilderness also provides ample opportunities for photographing nature attractions, details and animals.

Everyman's right applies in the Wilderness, allowing you to freely enjoy the blueberries, lingonberries and other berries found in the terrain. In addition to fresh berries, the delicious mushrooms of the wilderness areas await their pickers.

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