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Wilderness cottages
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Wilderness cottages - Cottages and Vacation Rentals

In the peace of the wilderness, you can enjoy the beautiful nature directly in the courtyard of your own cottage! Thanks to the location, staying in a cottage offers excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, berry picking and numerous other wilderness activities.

The largest number of cottages can be found near the large wilderness areas of Northern Lapland, but modestly equipped cottages are also available in the natural areas of southern Finland.

Before the start of the trip, you should familiarize yourself with the equipment of the cabin and carefully design the stuff to take with you. When packing luggage, it is worth noting that all wilderness cabins do not necessarily have electricity or running water, which, in turn, primarily affects the cooking and washing. It is worth taking, for example, a flashlight, matches, candles, toilet paper and, if necessary, sufficient drinking water.

Although the wilderness cabins are often modestly equipped, that is why they guarantee a calming, leisured and memorable holiday in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature. When you stay in the wilderness, you can enjoy the authentic cottage experience in the middle of nowhere!