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Ylläs is number one!

Ylläs is a nature destination open throughout the year in the heart of Fell Lapland, next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. Ylläs is easily reached by flying to Kittilä Airport, by train to Kolari Station or in your own car.

Winter magic

Ylläs has the greatest network of ski trails in Finland (330 km); the largest slopes; and things to do for everyone. At Ylläs you can participate in different safaris (e.g. snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris) or rent equipment to try snowshoeing or skating. Icelandic horses are excellent on the trails. If you want, you can even relax with a swim in a hole in the ice.

In the summer light

In the summer, the verdant nature and fresh air of Lapland attract people for hikes and trails. Many excellent hiking and cycling routes will entice you on adventures. The landscape in the Pallas-Ylläs National Park is dominated by fells and by the surrounding forests and marshes in their natural state. The clean and beautiful nature in the area and the varying terrain offer great opportunities for hiking and other activities in nature. The silhouette of the fells is almost always present, and the routes take the travellers to the most beautiful views in the park. For fishing, there are several rivers and lakes in the area. For the wildest among you, we recommend downhill cycling in the Trek Bike Park. For the youngest (and why not other family members too?) there is a lot to wonder at in the Konijänkä domestic animal farm.

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