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The goal of this event is to enjoy the nature’s harmony in the Nuuksio National Park. After the welcoming ceremonies and introducing the guides it is time to begin the outdoor activities near Lake Kolmoislampi in the Nuuksio National Park. We offer three different options to enjoy the nature  around Nuuksio: Active, Pleasure and Mushrooming. Group Active does a somewhat longer hike through the Nuuksio National Park with a guide. During the hike you'll see the versatility and the beauty of the nature in the Park. The guides know the most beautiful places where to take you. Group Pleasure heads towards Lake Haukkalampi and Lake Kolmoislampi with the idea of a lot of talk and not so much walking. Group Mushrooming heads towards Lake Haukkalampi and Lake Kolmoislampi where funnel chanterelles can be found. The guide knows all the best places where to find mushrooms.   Some of the oldest trees of Nuuksio National Park grow in the vicinity of Lake Kolmoislampi and  it has extremely beautiful nature. The hiking trails go through magnificent rocky hills along several ponds and bare hills. The hiking tours end at the Lake Kolmoislampi campfire site where our wilderness chef awaits the hikers with a tasty outdoor lunch. 3-5 experienced nature guides and our wilderness chef with their team are in charge of the event. You will need clothing and shoes according to weather conditions.   The price for the Nuuksio by theme program is €330 for 10 persons + € 33 for every additional person: Price includes VAT 10% •Services of the guides (1-5 guides) •Spring water and chocolate for the hike •Safety plan and liability insurance •The rent of the Nuuksio campfire site •Snow Shoes in the winter  
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Lisätiedot: +358 50 3308077
Soveltuvuus: This program is well suited for groups, congress and conference groups.
Vaativuus: Easy, Medium-Challenging
Kelpoisuus: Safety: All of our tours and our guides are the natural first aid professionals who know how to take into account local conditions and during the trip to the customers' level.
Vakuutukset: Safety plan and liability insurance
Osoite: Kolmoislammenranta 1, 02860, Espoo
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