Genuine Finnish Smoke Sauna Experience
mökki tai huvila

Korpilampi smoke sauna area


Korpilampi smoke sauna offers a genuine smoke sauna-experience  for Hotel Korpilampi meeting and seminar groups or private event with Your family or friends

The sauna can accommodate up to 10 people. The spacious cabin hut serves as atmospheric and warm place to barbecue all year round.

The smoke sauna heat up to six hours and is sufficient for steam largely the evening. Korpilampi pond offers pure recreation leave the sauna all year round.

Season: spring, summer, autumn, winter
Group size: 5-20 people



Sijainti: Espoo
Lomatie 4, 02970 ESPOO

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Loma-asuntotyyppi: mökki tai huvila
Loma-asunnon nimi: Genuine Finnish Smoke Sauna Experience
Kohdenumero: 517532


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Rannan tyyppi: lampi

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Palvelut: Hotelli Korpilampi
Liikenneyhteydet: Getting from Helsinki to the hotel: 18km fromHelsinkiAirport 22km fromHelsinki Bus No. 355 from the Kamppi terminal (platform 14) Bus No. 82 fromEspoocity centre and bus No. 21 from Leppävaara,Espooto Hotel Korpilampi Parking: Hotel Korpilampi car park. Follow the trail of flares from the front of the hotel to the old drying barns. The hotel's reception can also help you find your way to Smoke Sauna are

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Puh. +358 50 330 8077
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