B & B Forest Manor Lakomäki
mökki tai huvila, Kannonkoski, 14+6 henkilöä

Feel of a hideaway at the Forest Manor 

Our hideaway-like manor accommodation in the middle of a forest ~~ into nature. Chirping birds, the rustling wind and the clean air will lull you to a deep sleep and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

Made of Scots pine logs, the strong 130-year-old walls protect you as you fall into a relaxing sleep together with the forest.The manor’s small and cozy chambers provide a peaceful setting for restful sleep.

The second floor of the manor has seven rooms that each accommodate two people, with 12 optional spare beds. The manor can accommodate up to 20 people.

The B&B accommodation includes linen, towels, sauna hours in the Barn Sauna and breakfast. Other sauna reservations and use of an outdoor tub are subject to an additional fee.

The second-floor lobby is a good place to spend time together talking or playing board games. You can also make tea, watch TV or surf the internet in the shared facilities of the lobby.

Guests share modern sanitary facilities (toilets and shower rooms) on the second floor.


Sijainti: Kannonkoski
Viitasaarentie 2900, 43300 KANNONKOSKI

Näytä sijainti kartalla
Loma-asuntotyyppi: mökki tai huvila
Loma-asunnon nimi: B & B Forest Manor Lakomäki
Pinta-ala: 400 m²
Makuuhuoneiden määrä: 7
Vuodepaikkojen määrä: 14
Lisävuoteiden määrä: 6
Rakennusvuosi: 1885
Peruskorjausvuosi: 2000
Kohteen ominaisuuksia: takka, auto välttämätön, lapsiystävällinen
Sauna: savusauna, pihasauna
Kohdenumero: 596501
Lisätietoa: The Forest Manor was built by botanist Alfred Oswald Kihlman in 1885. It was the main building on his 6.500 hectare forest property. Kihlman was a senator, a highly esteemed scientist, and an explorer, (e.g. of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Peninsula). His legacy can still be seen in Lakomäki. He planted Abies alba, a fir tree that has cones which grow upwards. Lakomäki was a base for logging companies for almost a hundred years. Hundreds of men with horses worked in the forests making it one of the biggest logging areas in Finland. Now the Forest Manor, built of logs, offers a warm and cozy place to stay for tourists.


Lemmikit sallittu: ei sallittu
Tupakointi sallittu: ei sallittu
Lisätietoja: There is sauna hours for men and women separately in the Talli sauna. Possibility to have your own sauna hour with additional fee.
Rannan kuvaus: Lake Lakojärvi is around 400 meter away from Manor. It's typical small & silence forest lake. Attention! Lake deeps down heavily shortly extra attention needed with kids. In summer time there is a possibility for fishing and during winter time ice fishing can be done.
Viihde ja ajanviete: Internet-yhteys, TV, radio
Keittiön varusteet: jääkaappi, vedenkeitin
Materiaalien ja varusteiden kuvaus: Here at the Lakomäki Forest Manor, you get to experience genuine Finnish flavours. We prepare rustic and tasty meals using pure Finnish and especially local ingredients. Abundant wild ingredients provided by nature are the best part of the Forest Manors cuisine. Wild herbs, berries, mushrooms and game from local forests, potatoes and flour from next door and fish from the local lakes. That is the secret of the Forest Manors home-style cooking. You can taste that the food at the Forest Manor has been homemade from start to finish, using recipes passed down through the generations and brought up to date.
Tilat ja varustelu: silitysrauta ja -lauta, suihku, WC
Ulkotilat: puutarha, grilli
Auton säilytys: autopaikka ja sähköpistoke, autopaikka
Vapaa-ajan aktiviteetit: marjastus/sienestys, laskettelu, hiihto, uinti, kalastus, nähtävyyksien katselu, vaellus, metsästys, ratsastus
Lisätietoja vapaa-ajan aktiviteeteista: Most of activities are about 50 km radius of the Manor. Attractions are more or less natural attractions mm. Häkkilän mythical bear sequoia, sequoia power. Tour points and the closest national parks are the Pyhä-Häkki (5min), Salamanjärvi (50 min) and Etelä- Konnevesi (1h10min)

Liikenneyhteydet ja etäisyydet

Palvelut: Additional fee: *Transport services, eg. Pick ups from and to the agreed destination * The restaurant, food rations from small hungry to a three course wild menu * Program: wild food tours and cooking, outdoors, sausage workshop, rye bread workshop * Guided tours for nationalpark Pyhä-Häkki
Liikenneyhteydet: Own car With a bus to Viitasaari or by train to Jyväskylä and our transportation service will pick you up from agreed place agreed time

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Lakomäen Metsäkartano
Katso yhteystiedot
Viitasaarentie 2900
43300 Kannonkoski
Puh. + 358 (0)40 1433 011

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