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Pine is located on top of ancient rock formation in a perfect tranquility. A perfect scenery opening to the west over the waters offers the visitors of Pine breath taking sunsets.

Your living space in the forest

Tentsile Pine is a two-story stack, where Tentsile Trillium at the height of one meter creates a living room and Tentsile Safari Stingray at the height of 2 meters provides an elevated bedroom up in the trees. Between the two there is a insect mesh to keep mosquitos out so that you can chillout undistrupted. Depending on the weather, you can keep the rain cover hanging neatly aside and enjoy the night sky or installed on top of the Stingray and keep the rain out.


Tentsile Pine is for 3 persons.

Families with children

Pine works with families of two adults an two children (up to 8 years). Tentsile Safari Stingray has space for three and each section is over two meters long. Adults take two places and the two children share one. It depends on the children how well they sleep.

Tentsile Safari Stingray Stack

Tentsile Safari Stingray Stack is a combination of Tentsile Trillium Hammock, Tentsile Safari Stingray and Double Bubble insect mesh. This stack is genuine basecamp and oasis for spending time up in the trees.

  • Tentsile Trillium
    • Dimensions: 4.1 x 4.1 x 4.1m
    • Floor area: approx. 7m²
    • Dry space: Under the trillium approx. 12m²
    • Central access: 1
    • Floor material: 240D PU-coated nylon-polyester-compisite
    • Ratchets and straps: 3 x 6m straps and industry grade ratchets - 2,5 tonne rated
    • Fire resistance meets US CPAI-84 & Canadian FR16
    • Capacity: 3 adults with gear or two adults and two children (max 400kg)
    • Max load: 400kg
  • Tentsile Double Bubble
    • Dimensions: 4m x 4m x 4m
    • Insect mesh
  • Tentsile Safari Stingray (proferssional flagship model)
    • Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.4 x 4.4m
    • Floor area: noin 9,5m²
    • Dry space: Under the Stingray approx. 12m²
    • Entry: 3 side entrys, 1 central access
    • Inside height: 120cm
    • Inner tent: Durable insect mesh, grade 4,165g/m²
    • Rain cover: 70D / 190T, PU-coated water resistant polyester, 8000HH. Area 14m²
    • Floor material: Ripstop Dacron 300D / 300g/m² nylon-polyester-composite reinforced with car safety-belt
    • Ratchets and straps: 3 x 6m straps and industry grade ratchets - 2,5 tonne rated
    • Fire resistance meets US CPAI-84 & Canadian FR16
    • Capacity: 3 adults with gear or two adults and two children (max 400kg)
    • Max load: 400kg 

Tentsile is bookable through online system only. Process begins by selecting an arrival date under the main photo. 

Checkin after 1pm and checkout before noon. Instructions and more details are sent immediately after the payed booking.

Cleanness and litter

Customer is responsible of the Tentsile, ecocamp surroungings, structures and services that they have used. Tentsiles, the cabin, the sauna and dry toilets must always be cleaned after use.

Tentsile Experience Camp complies with litter free principles in outdoor experiences. So, things you carry in, you must carry out. You can find recycling spot in the area.


Pets are not allowed at Tentsile Experience Camp.

Opportunity to move your reservation

Although Tentsile can endure harsh environments, you don't have to. Therefore, we offer all our visitors an opportunity to move their reservation without additional cost in the following circumstances:

  • Someone in your expedition gets ill.
  • Weather forecast shows storms and over 17m/s winds on ecocamp area at the arrival date

Remember to familiarize your to our terms: Terms and conditions.


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